Bloodthirsty “Heroines” of Croatian army: They raped, castrated and bludgeoned to death captured Serbs

Bloodthirsty “Heroines” of Croatian army: They raped, castrated and bludgeoned to death captured Serbs

Azra Basic (woman-war criminal, recently extradited from US to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to face the justice, almost two decades later) wasn’t the only woman who tortured Serbian prisoners in Posavina’ prisoner camps. Their bestial crimes not only cry for the formal (court) justice; Such evil pathology warrants as well- the further historical, psychological and medical analyses and studies.  

“Bloody Azra”, who was recently extradited from US to Bosnia and Herzegovina, for her horrific war crimes against Serbs, in Derventa (Bosnia), wasn’t the only woman who, in an unspeakable manner, tortured and murdered imprisoned Serbs, in Posavina region. Around 2,500 Serbs were captured by Croatian “soldiers” between April 1992 and the fall of 1993, and imprisoned in 54 Croatian prisoner camps- initially in Bosnia, later some were moved within the Croatian state. Every of the cities, where Croatian army had established concentration camps for Serbs- from Bosanski Brod to Derventa, Odzaci, Orasje…, had their own “war heroines”. Their bestial crimes not only cry for the formal (court) justice; Such evil pathology warrants as well- the further historical, psychological and medical analyses and studies.


Azra Bashic- woman-war criminal, recently extradited from US to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Albina Terzic (1972) was at the war time the Municipal lawyer in the City of Odzaci. Right after May 8th. 1992, when around 1,300 Serbian villagers were captured, she enlisted as the Croatian paramilitary volunteer, with HVO (Croatian Bosnian Paramilitary). The war prisoners held inside elementary school in Odzaci, and inside the abandoned factory Strolit, were especially terrified by her “investigative skills”. In July 2013, she was sentenced before the Bosnian court, to only five years of imprisonment, which was later reduced to just three years (The unwillingness of Bosnian courts to process and sentence properly the perpetrators of war crimes against Serbs is easy to understand- if we know that during the civil war in 90ies, Croats and Bosnian Muslims were allied, against Serbs – comment by translator).

It was proven during the trial, that she enjoyed to appear among the prisoners with her German Sheppard, which she used to unleash against the helpless people. She was forcing the prisoners to line up in the yard under the torching Sun, and to sing Nazi-Ustasha songs, until they would pass out (These Ustasha songs originated from WWII, when self proclaimed Independent Croatia allied with Nazi Germany, and created own SS style murderous troops called Ustasha, which perpetrated one of the most horrific genocides in WWII, exterminating over one million Croatian and Bosnian Serbs – comment by translator). She personally bludgeoned to “the human pulp” prisoners Mile Sisagic and Stanko Rakic- so their lifeless bodies had to be “dragged away”. Her specialty was to organize, so called, concentration camp’ “weddings”, where Ustasha paramilitaries were forcing prisoners to act as “the groom and the bride”, and to perform at the front of them the sexual intercourse (to rape each other- comment by translator)– the part of inhumane torture she really enjoyed. It was proven in court that she was particularly present during “the wedding” of the male prisoner D. N. (who testified in court as the protected witness); But Bosnian court refused to accept the testimony from another victim- a protected witness, who provided the most intimate and precise details, how he was raped right before Albina’ eyes…

Adisa Hodzic (1970) was a personal friend of the convicted war criminal Albina Terzic, and they together served as the “soldiers” of the Croatian paramilitary 102. Brigade HVO, from Odzaci. She used to share the same German Sheppard dog with Albina, and like Albina, Adisa enjoyed to unleash the dog on Serbian prisoners. At present, she is hiding somewhere in US, out of the reach of justice.

Found guilty of war crimes: On the left Albina Terzic, Croatian “Capo” who organized rapes of POW – On the right Indira Kameric, Croatian “Capo” who enjoyed to bludgeon to death POW with iron bar – Both Croatian female war criminals held a Law degree, prior to Yugoslavian civil war…

  • We smelled so bad during our imprisonment in Croatian concentration camp, even that dog (German Sheppard) refused to get close to us- For “Novosti” states Vlado Dragojlovic, former prisoner of Camp Strolit.

Another former prisoner Milan Miletic, in his statement given to Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Serbska, confirmed that Adisa Hodzic was present during his “wedding”, when her comrades (Nazi-Ustasha paramilitary) forced him to have sexual intercourse with captured, mentally disabled, Serbian woman. He described the criminal role of Adisa Hodzic in every detail, during this bestial crime. This woman (A. Hodzic) was roaming between different Ustasha concentration camps for Serbs, during 1992. She “worked” in prisoner camps Odzaci, Derventa, Orasje (at present she is at large, roaming freely United States- comment by translator)


The public in former Yugoslavia have been awaiting impatiently the extradition of another female war criminal from Switzerland, where she is held in the Extradition prison. This woman of Albanian Muslim decent had savagelly killed 12 year old Serbian boy Slobodan Stojanovic, in Bosnian village Donja Kamenica, in June 1992, when young boy returned (without knowledge of his parents, who fled the village together with Slobodan, after it was raided by Bosnian Mujahedin Army- comment by translator) to untie his pet dog (left behind in confusion), and bring it back to the refugee column.

About this horrific ritual crime, we wrote an article just two months ago (This monstrous woman had captured and tortured to death 12 year old Slobodan, cutting him literally to pieces, and eventually cutting the heart out of his tiny body- comment by translator) . Elfete Veseli has reputation as one of the most morbid and atrocious female war criminals, during the Yugoslavian civil wars, in 90ies.

Indira Kameric (1962) is “a jewel” among these female monsters. This well educated woman, with the law degree, from City of Bosanski Brod, volunteered to join Nazi-Ustasha paramilitary, in April 1992, when Croats believed that this city, with Serbian majority, will stay under their occupation “for ever”. The weapon of choice for Indira Kameric was a baton and the iron bar. For crimes she committed while serving as a “soldier” with 101. Brigade HVO, she was sentenced by the one-sided Bosnian court only to three years of imprisonment…

…Among other things, it was proven during the trial, that she bludgeoned to death, using the iron bar: prisoner Jovo Dujic, at the Croatian concentration camp for Serbs Poleta (soccer stadium turned into prison) in Bosanski Brod. His body was never found.

HAGUE (ICTY) IS BLIND FOR CRIMES AGAINST SERBS- NONE  of this monstrous crimes committed against Serbs attracted any attention, from Hague tribunal – ICTY (International Crime Tribunal for Yugoslavia), while in same time ICTY was massively sentencing Serbs to long term imprisonments, in some cases for just (literally) slapping in the face, Croatian or Bosnian, POWs.

By taking a close look to the court documents, we can see that this woman (Indira) was practically “turned on” by orchestrating the sexual violence against the captured Serbs, during her, so called, “investigative actions”. It was proven in the court of law that she even investigated and interrogated her neighbor Hazba Nukic, accusing her for the alleged desertion of her sons. She brought this poor woman to the prisoner camp, and started beating her, and then she brought another prisoner (who was testifying in court as a protected witness IK-3), and then forced Hazba and this man (IK-3) to perform the perverse sexual acts, at front of “the public”- numerous “Nazi-Ustasha” Croatian soldiers. But again, the one-sided Bosnian court qualified a number of witnesses, during this trial, as “unreliable”.

Elvira Hadziomerovic (1955)- The horrific stories about this “soldier” of Croatian “Oraska” Brigade HVO, recently came to light again, when 10 members of this Nazi-Ustasha paramilitary unit were arrested in City of Orasje. Elvira was working as “the receptionist” at the concentration camp Donja Mahala in Orasje, where captured Serbs were tortured and murdered in the most savage ways. She “worked” at this notorious concentration camp until the very end of Bosnian civil war, then she just “disappeared”…

This woman- which was admired (for her proven savagery) even by the most ruthless Nazi-Ustasha paramilitaries, and therefore nicknamed “Amazonian”-  on January 29th, 1993, a day before the scheduled “prisoner swap” between Serbian and Croatian side; Castrated 30 year old Serb Grujo Djajic, and while he was bleeding profusely and losing his conscience, she loaded him on the bus with other (exchanged) prisoners. He lived just for a couple of hours. Serbian doctors, unable to save his life, photographed him during his last moments, recording (probably just for the history, because the Western powers at present time, are still obstructing any attempt to serve the justice to Serbian victims- comment by translator)  this horrific Croatian war crime…

Mutilated Serbian victim Grujo Djajic (his last moments), the day after he was “released” from the Croatian concentration camp Orasje


  • Azra Basic, Albina Terzic, Adisa Hodzic, Indira Kameric, Elvira Hadziomerovic-all muslims from Serbian Bosna. Descendents of bestial grandfathers and fathers from WW II Handzar Division, made up of muslims only. Allies of ustashe in both WW II and WW III. Elfete Veseli -Albanian muslim from occupied Serbian Kosovo and Metohija. All muslims, all women, all psycho pathological cases. All war criminals. Islam is satanic “religion”, Muslims are the evil of the earth,and should be treated as such.

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