СРБски ФБРепортер

According to the official statistics- Within the police jurisdiction of Pec’ county 239 persons were murdered by KLA members, during 1998 and 1999 year… Haradinaj’ “legacy of death” is impressive within the police jurisdiction of Djakovica’ County as well…. KLA extremists murdered 286 persons, within this jurisdiction…

We have to keep in our mind, that these statistics do not cover the number of kidnapped (by KLA) and missing people, so this tragedy is much larger, then it appears at first sight. Maybe these statistics will mean nothing to some “ignorant reader”, but behind each of these numbers was a human being, who had the right to live too, as we all do- and this right was violently taken away from him, or her…

Ramush Haradinaj, one of the top commanders of the notorious Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA was listed by major Western governments prior to 1999 NATO war, as the…

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