Re Violence in Macedonian capital Skoplje- Albanians “Neighbors from Hell”…


ALBANIANS- NEIGHBORS FROM HELL… When Yugoslavia started falling apart in 90ies , Macedonians and Montenegrin did not want to remain in Federal Republic together with their Orthodox Christian brothers- Serbs. Instead, they opted for the alliance with Muslim Albanians, Bosniaks… Now they are paying the price- the same price their naive Serbian neighbors already paid in Kosovo (from which they are at present time almost completely ethnically cleansed, if not murdered, jailed, or butchered for human organs- by their Albanian “neighbors from hell”).

On the top of the well known fact- that events in Macedonia are just the introduction into the greater Albanian (civil) war for creation of Greater Albania, outside of their ethnic proper (including parts of Macedonia, Serbia, Monte Negro, and possibly Greece)- Albanians, as all other Muslim nations do, have the “superior birth rate” to their Christian neighbors, so in the near future when demographics shift in their favor, they will simply “democratically” (by virtue of “voter majority) rule over their present, mostly Christian, “host countries”.

Next step will be a creation of the Islamic caliphate on the European doorstep. And that all, today is taking place with the

blessing and help of USA, and a part of EU establishment- applying the old masonic rule “Order from Chaos”. First they set the fires, then they offer “their services”…

Comment by FBR Editor M. Novakovic


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