Nenad Braskovic: United States are afraid of Serbian aircraft!?

United States are afraid of Serbian aircraft!?

Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee is going to visit Belgrade for negotiations with Serbian government and civil society actors. It is quite possible, that this visit is due to the delivery of new Russian fighter airplanes to Serbia.

Recent statements made by US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott showed the rancor of the American side. Washington was convinced that Serbia did not need airplanes and should rely on NATO support only. However, the US is ready to offer combat helicopters of the same type as those recently received by Croatia, instead of Russian aircraft.

Six MiG-29 aircraft, which will be handed over to Serbian air and air defense forces by the Russian side, are a bane of the United States and its allies on the Balkan Peninsula. These planes are going to enhance the outdated aircraft fleet. At the same time, the NATO countries surrounding Serbia cannot boast of an impressive air fleet. One of our main “partners” – Croatia – has only 12 MiG-21 fighters, of which only two are capable to take off. Kosovo and Albania deploy a few obsolete helicopters only.

Thus, this modernization of the air fleet, which is going to happen in the near future, can dramatically change the current situation in the region. Russian aircraft is likely to bring the country, recently humiliated by defeat, to the military leaders of the Balkan Peninsula.

FBR contributor Nenad Braskovic is a freelance journalist & blogger. Nenad holds degree in “medieval history” from Belgrade University. He was born in Sarajevo, in 1982…

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