How The Media Controls Society (VIDEO)

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How The Media Controls Society

58784677 on 29 Mar 2011

Alan Watt, Gerald Celente and G Edward Griffin breaks down how the controllers use the mass media, sports, Madison ave and Pavlovian Dialectic to condition the Sheeple.. however many of us are now breaking through this disneyland matrix.

Video explores the subject of predictive programming and how the mainstream media has been used to subtly manipulate our minds to guide us down a particular path.

If you go to and check out some of the many talks that Alan Watt has given on this subject, you’ll be amazed at the sheer extent of the use of predictive programming in the media.

Alex Jones is spot on. Have lost our sense of community. How he said growing up, people had bbq’s, neighbors sitting outside talking with one another. I’m 24 now but I remember growing up when I was younger…

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