Reader’ comment: Serbia Let Jinn Out Of Bottle

Serbia Let Jinn Out Of Bottle

Following the elections on June 11, Ramush Haradinaj mandated to form a government in the so-called Republic of Kosovo. “The Military Coalition” which recently lagged behind its “democratic” opponents, now takes the lead. Strange as it may seem, but in many respects the Serbs helped this coalition by themselves.
Ramush Haradinaj was detained by French gendarmerie at the request of Serbian authorities in January. Belgrade demanded the extradition of this murderer on charges of genocide of Kosovo Serbs. It was at this moment that the forgotten commander of the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army” returned to the political arena. He was giving an interview. The media from U.S., Europe and Serbia talked about him. In Kosovo there was launched a large campaign to support the arrested terrorist.
And when the hysteria around the detained Haradinaj reached its peak, France released him from prison, and then fully justified him. After receiving the support among his population, Ramush Haradinaj returned as a real triumphator. He became one of the key figures in Kosovo’s policy. And now he heads the strongest parliamentary bloc.
It turns out that Serbia let Jinn out of the bottle, and now it reaps a harvest. If there was no prosecutor’s request, Ramush would continue to live in France and drink forbidden by his Qur’an wine. And the hype that turned around this killer allowed him not only get off with a whole skin, but also gain political points that were lost during the proclamation of the so-called “independence”. Hashim Thaci managed to skillfully outplay our diplomats. In general, that makes sense because we have only Russia’s support, while behind Kosovo Albanians’ shadow stands the entire “civilized world”.
Commented by Jasna K. on June 19th. 2017

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