EDITORIAL: What Western Media don’t tell you about the tragic death of Bakari Henderson!? (updated 11.07.2017)



The account of the incident provided by one of the accused Serbian young men, who was in direct contact with his family in Belgrade, shines new light on the tragic incident. Mrs. Ruza Senic, grandmother of arrested 25 years old Milos Senic, from Belgrade’ suburb Obrenovac, provided us with his description of the incident (he revealed in conversation with his family, after being arrested), shining new light on the real cause for the fight:

“Milos was just trying to protect his cousin Jovana (young Serbian woman, also from Obrenovac), who was working at the bar as waitress that tragic night- Milos was present there too. At one moment she became target of American patrons’ rude behavior. The fight broke out when American attempted to take Selfie with Jovana against her will. She pushed him away. In the bar at this time was present another young Serbian man, Jovana’ boyfriend, he was sitting at the table next to Milos’. When Jovana’ boyfriend attempted to protect her, American hit him over the head with the glass bottle, which broke on impact. The blood from the wounded Serbian man sprayed over Milos, while the piece of the glass cut the waitress Jovana. Milos pushed Jovana under the table to protect her from the fight. When Bakari advanced toward him (Milos) he warned him in English to back off, and pushed him away. After that Milos did not leave the bar, and he didn’t participate in the street beating of this unfortunate young American”- concluded the testimony, Milos’ grandma, Mrs. Senic… (11.07.2017, FBR)


Further, if we try to imagine, if such incident, “rough play” of drunken American tourists with the young woman (waitress), took place in some EU city, and the perpetrators were not American patrons, but let’s say: Muslim migrants, and the victim was not Serbian waitress, but, let’s say: a young German woman- What kind of response we would get then from the Western MSM, and what kind of response we would get from the “Trump-onized” Western public, on social media. I am pretty sure, if that was the case, there wouldn’t be much sympathy (if any) for let’s say brutally beaten Muslim asylum seeker, and wouldn’t by much outcry for his subsequent death.

What Western Media don’t tell you about the tragic death of Bakari Henderson!?

The tragic death of young black American Bakari Henderson at Greek Island Zakynthos- during violent incident at local pub in early morning hours yesterday, when two accused, one Greek and one British national, “assisted” by six young Serbian tourists, allegedly have beaten to death Mr. Henderson- gained a lot of traction and sensationalism in Western MSM (Main Stream Media), sparking an outpour of anti-Serbian sentiment in Social media and the news comments, many of these comments can only be labeled as a Hate Speech and an open instigation for violence toward Serbian nationals, including calls to “execute Serbs”, or regrets that “US did not killed and bomb enough of Serbs”, back in 1999, during the illegal NATO aggression against Serbia. You can imagine, if some “Islamist” made such threats online against the Western nationals, he would be almost certainly charged with a terrorism offence?

To make things worse, Western MSM don’t make things easier and they don’t act journalistic responsible, they rather speculate, distort or hide all the facts surrounding this incident, and consciously or subconsciously inflame the situation. For example, British Daily Mail openly suggests the “Racist motives” behind the attack, even there is no evidence to support such claim.

Of course I am not trying here to justify the brutal beating to death of young American tourist Henderson. His assailants, after all the facts are presented in a court of law and their guilt was proven, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and sentenced accordingly. I am just trying to uncover the full background of this incident. As we all know, in our world, nothing is black and white, and the truth is always somewhere in the middle…

I don’t need to repeat all the inflammatory lines in MSM and comments on social media, related to this incident- you can just “google it” and you would find an endless one-sided tale of the above incident, produced by Western MSM, or how current US president favors to call them: “The Fake News”.  I will just present here some facts, surrounding this incident, produced by regional Greek and Serbian media, and not reported by Western media.

According to these non-Western, regional media, the incident took place around three o’clock in the morning when all pub patrons, including Henderson and his American friends, were heavy drunken. The Greek paper Newsit.gr describes that incident started after repeated attempts of American tourists, sitting around the table with Mr. Henderson, to take Selfie (photo) with young Waitress (apparently of Serbian origin). After the young woman felt uncomfortable with such repeated and abusive attempts, and tried to leave the table, Mr. Henderson, according to this Greek portal (basing its claim on the CCTV footage from the pub), physically grabbed the young woman, trying to drag her back to the table, which she resisted, calling the bouncers for help.

Again, according to the Greek sources, that was the critical moment, when the bouncers (one Greek and another British national) attempted to physically remove the abusive American patron from the pub, and then the fight broke out, escalating outside the pub. Apparently young Bakari Henderson at that moment was left by his American friends (who fled the scene), and he was criminally assaulted outside the pub (resulting in his death (not only by the two bouncers, but with six other young Serbian tourists as well- apparently one of them had personal relationship with Serbian waitress, who was short time before the fight, “sexually assaulted” by Mr. Henderson.

When you put this additional info into the frame of the above incident, only then you can get the full picture of this tragic incident; And you can come to conclusion that young Bakari Henderson and “his friends” were not such innocent parties to it, as one-sided Western MSM claim.

I am not trying here to justify senseless and brutal assault on Mr. Henderson, which resulted in the obvious use of excessive force by the bouncers, who initially properly responded, when attempted to remove drunken American patron, who just assaulted young waitress- but everything else that took place afterward outside the pub, was not justifiable and certainly amounts to the criminal conduct.

By putting all this things in wider context, we can get clearer picture of the incident, and come to the possible conclusion, what was actually the real cause of the incident- certainly it was not “the racially motivated attack”, as sensationalist Daily Mail suggests.

Further, if we try to imagine, if such incident, “rough play” of drunken American tourists with the young woman (waitress), took place in some EU city, and the perpetrators were not American patrons, but let’s say: Muslim migrants, and the victim was not Serbian waitress, but, let’s say: a young German woman- What kind of response we would get then from the Western MSM, and what kind of response we would get from the “Trump-onized” Western public, on social media. I am pretty sure, if that was the case, there wouldn’t be much sympathy (if any) for let’s say brutally beaten Muslim asylum seeker, and wouldn’t by much outcry for his subsequent death.

Or maybe I am wrong? Prove me if I am wrong, and prove me that we in the West apply the same set of rules to all human beings and that we don’t judge people based on their race, religion, or ethnicity. If we read and watch only Western MSM, that clearly wouldn’t be the case.

And for the tragic death of Mr. Henderson, there is no real excuse for beating him senselessly to death, even after he assaulted the young woman (the pub employee), and the blame for his accidental death should be put on the bouncers who acted unprofessionally, escalating, instead of deescalating the incident.

In same time, the blame for starting the incident should be put solely on Mr. Henderson and his drunken American friends (who by the way left him cowardly, to face his tragic fate). Drunken Mr. Henderson simply picked up the fight that he wouldn’t be able to finish.

I hope, the Greek authorities will not succumb to, already exerted, political pressure, and will prosecute this incident taking to account all the circumstances, and then deliver the proper justice. Anything else, including the political correctness, would be only a travesty of justice. Unfortunately, we are already receiving reports, from multiple sources (one of them is Serbian Consul), that two bouncers and six young Serbian tourists have been “mistreated by Greek police” in the jail…

…And as I said in the beginning, nothing is black and white in our real life (with exception to Hollywood movies and Western MSM), and the truth is always somewhere in the middle. The real questions are, do we seek the truth in this case, or we seek revenge and “blind justice”, because American lives are worth more than others!?


FBR Editor M. Novakovic




  • This report is a great report but very biased it is one sided but if it is not about race then why is it that his friend did not get beaten as well. This report is drawing a conclusion based off of what was told from the men who killed him, that does not make any sense at all. Look at the title it explains it for itself regardless of what happened that night if he was not trying to leave then he would not have been trying to run away as seen in the footage so what was said is very untrue about that and were not gonna put blame on this young black man because he was a foreigner and the killers already knew that the fault is in their hands 100% because there is no evidence of Mr. Henderson starting the incident its just allegations I’ll begin to understand once I see evidence other than that this report is terribly biased but it was done in a very educated and well put manner so most will believe this information but this incident is much deeper than the surface so the men that participated in this evil , satanic act have hatred in their hearts , I have no pitty for the woman no pitty at all which what happened to her could very well all be lies but of course it will all be summed up to where the black young educated man looks like the suspect and not what he truly is and that’s a deceased victim .


    • Let’s public be the judge of your (anonymous) statement > the “one sided report”. Young Bakari was in the center of this incident from the beginning, and his behavior most likely triggered the fight- he certainly participated in the fight inside the pub. But, he certainly did not deserve to be beaten while lying on the ground on the street, and surely did not deserve to die. The fact is that his death was the tragic accident, resulting from the criminal assault, outside the pub. Since I wrote the article couple days ago, new witness statements came out and new videos were released. They are pretty much consisting with my findings in this article. The bouncer (the British national of Serbian origin) confirmed that there was incident around Mr. Henderson table involving Serbian waitress, and according to him, her Serbian friend objected her for “being friendly” with Americans. The bouncer states that at this moment Bakari shouted (probably swore) something to girl’s friend, who then punched him in the face. According to bouncer- Mr. Henderson then grabbed the glass bottle and broke it against Serbian man’ head, injuring him seriously; During the fight that erupted, the bouncer states that Mr. Henderson accidentally hit with the elbow Serbian waitress in the face, and she started bleeding profusely too. That was the moment when “Serbian crowed” got mad, two of their friends (and nationals) were injured by, how they saw it, an aggressive American tourist. So they jumped into the fight, and joined two bouncers who were in a process of removing Mr. Henderson ofф the premises. They chased Mr. Henderson outside of the pub, where they caught уп with him and had beaten him unconscious. From the newest video, from the pub across the street, you can clearly see that entire fight (assault) lasted less then 20 seconds, so the claims that Serbian tourists and the bouncers, who before the incident even did not know each other, conspired to kill Mr. Henderson in less than a half a minute (as the Greek prosecutor defined the charges) is simply overkill, and probably the political correctness on the part of Greek authorities. Mr. Henderson most likely died from (accidental?) blow to the head, either during the fall, or while being kicked on the ground by multiple assailants. The statement that it was premeditated murder is ludicrous. Knowing the Serbian culture and recent history, I believe that main reason for triggering such aggressive and excessive response from young Serbian patrons, was the jealousy of Serbian girl’ (boy)friend and general Serbian “recent historical animosity” toward “Americans” resulting from the American’ three month savage bombing of Serbia, in 1999. I am not here justifying the criminal assault that took place outside the pub, but we need to кnow all circumstances and possible motives, that lead to this tragic death. Hopefully during the trial we will be able to get the complete and accurate description of this incident, which is certainly not black and white as currently described by the Western MSM and one-sided public, which is suffering from “the Hollywood anti-Serbian syndrome”. As I said at the beginning, let the public (and time) be the judge of this article… FBR Editor M. Novakovic


    • There are a lot of rumors going on. It appears the woman was socializing with Bakari and his friends of her own volition and the Serbian men yelled at her for it, and then the fight started.
      But as for his death, it appears it was from the fall after he was hit by the bouncer, who is actually a Muslim named Amir Omerdzic. The media say he is a British citizen of Serbian origin, but anyone, including minorities born in Serbia can be said to be of Serbian origin. Bouncers are hired for the strength and size and the street scene shows Bakari falling onto the front of the car and then bouncing to the ground. Witnesses say he hit his head on the curb. Some say it appears he hit his head on the car bumper too.
      Also it is very possible the Greeks are rounding up the wrong people as it is hard to identify individuals from that group scene. The Serbs were easy to round up since they were all staying at a hotel, but others in the crowd, including locals who were on the street around when Bakari died would be harder to find – especially as it would be hard to identify the individuals in that black and white video from the security camera 15-20 meters away.


  • Your exposition appears to be a clear headed review of the tragedy.


  • Morgan Maxwell III

    What your Serbian boys did was what we call African-Americans a lynching. They will be tried under Exemplary Justice by the Greek Courts. That means everybody remotely involved with allowing this murder to happen will be sued by the Henderson’s. I know your soccer fans on the treat black players horribly. Your boys and men did not know that Bakari came from a well-off, African-American family. Not all of us black people are poor, ignorant, and after your “white” women. He’s also from Texas, and Texas takes care of their own, Even though Texas is a very racist state, he was beloved by liberals and conservatives alike. Your nationals also cost the country of Greece, which is already in dire financial straits, an astronomical amount of money. My question is why did your nationals kick Bakari in the head like a soccer ball?That’s beyond cowardice and absolutely sick. Those men and boys will get the punishment they deserve and then some. It took a brave female to stop your country’s men from kicking him more. He was dead after the 2nd kick. Your boys are already feeling it in prison. I heard some of them want to commit suicide. They are beginning forgiveness from Bakari’s family, the Greek State, and the Bakari’s home country the United States. Your guys better have a lot of money, because his family is going to make everybody pay or at least think twice about allowing another, unspeakable, atrocity happen on their watch. I don’t care what somebody’s grandmother says, if he doesn’t have the money and legal expertise to prove that it was not an “intentional murder, he is going to have a lot of time to think and reflect on what he did to another human being in a tough, Greek Prison. You’re guys managed to piss everybody off. That takes a lot!


    • So money fixes everything? No wonder decadent US is descending into civil war…


      • The waitress was not working. The waitress was not anyone’s “cousin”. She was there with the Americans when some Serbian low-life tried to start trouble because she was with a black low-life.

        Stop believing everything you hear from the (not proven) guilty Serbians.


  • Bryan Petersburg

    Don’t edit my posts you racist motherfucker. You already owe me one Serbian maybe I’ll just take you…
    EDITORIAL NOTE> Mr. Petersburg, this yours “email death threat message” to the FBR editorial staff member has been passed along with your I.P. address (IP: to the proper authorities.


    • Many thanks to Thailand authorities for the prompt response… After this (death) threat was made against one member of our respectable FBR Media Group and the origin (the server) of this threat has been located in the Bangkok District, FBR editor filed an official complaint with the Thai police “Cyber Crime Unit”. As a result of our well documented complaint, as you can see from the enclosed Screen shot, Thai Police took a direct action, and removed the offensive content from the specified server in Thailand. This is to be a reminder to all other potential “cyber criminals” targeting our media, that we at FBR Media Group (www.facebookreporter.org & http://www.fbreporter.org) are taking such threats seriously, and will “prosecute” them in cooperation with the world-wide authorities, whenever applicable…
      24th September 2017
      FBR Media Group Founder & Editor M. Novakovic


  • “The authorities” Yeah good luck finding me you cocksucker. Believe me you will know when you find me…


  • Mr. Novakovic. I must apologise. I let my emotions get the best of me and I mean you no harm. As you can understand this is very emotional subject and I need to redirect my anger at the parties responsible. I do believe that it is important to report accurately on this sensitive topic and not only report the facts that “makes our side look good”. As this misreporting of fact will only have the opposite effect of making your side look even worse. The only way forward is through understanding and holding guilty parties responsible. And it is true, much of the media cannot be trusted. I have no idea who is actually involved and whether the Greeks would try to pin this on someone from Serbia to make themselves look good which is very much a possibility. Please continue with your investigation and seek the truth even if the truth is not the outcome you would like to hear.

    Sincerely, “Mr. Petersburg”


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