Re. Spiked-Online’ article>The Milosevic trial: a travesty of justice

…ICTY is a classic example of an International institution being abused and misused by the big powers (Western’ in this case). Simply ICTY was an extended NATO “judicial hand”, or if you like it “the Victor’s tribunal”, used to justify the NATO illegal wars and subsequent war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Balkans (mostly against Serbs and Yugoslavs).

Milosevic had to die in ICTY, simply because if the trial continued, with summoned most influential Western leaders at that time (Clinton, Blair, Clark, Aulbright, etc.) their Joint Criminal Enterprise would be revealed to the entire world.”…

There is a plenty of evidence (mostly revealed by Wikileaks) that ICTY was fully controlled by the Western intelligence (in Milosevic case by US embassy in Hague), which had a full access to his confidential ICTY dossier and was regularly briefed by the ICTY officials. Especially is interesting that CIA was very interested in Milosevic’ “health file”, and as we know shortly after he suddenly and conveniently died from “the wrong medication”.

Another biggest ICTY coverup and criminal complicity was shutting down (and destroying forensic evidence & other documentation) own investigation into the ones of the most bestial crimes of the century- so called Forcible Human Organ Trade from captured Serbs, conducted by the terrorist Albanian KLA- which was at the time of illegal NATO war against Yugoslavia promoted into NATO ally (by US State Dep.-which publicly listed KLA until 1998 as a terrorist organization).
ICTY investigation in 2002, report CKX103 documented and proved that at least 300 Serbs and small number of other Non-Albanian (and couple of “non-loyal” Albanians) , were captured, kidnapped and smuggled into Albania (Tropoja region- during 99 war and couple years after the war), to be butchered there for their organs at the “make-shift” clinics, ran by Kosovo Albanian war leaders, who were at that time protected and fully supported by NATO, and Albanian State officials.

This report and all evidence was intentionally destroyed at ICTY, and report itself just disappeared from the ICTY archives. Furthermore, as we can learn from US diplomatic cables (Wikileaks) at the request of US officials ICTY prosecutor Carla Del Ponte (who was persistent in prosecuting Kosovo Albanian leaders and KLA commanders for kidnapping of hundreds of innocent Serbs and their savage butchering for human organs), simply was removed from her post and prevented from any further investigation.

Not to mention the Special EU Parliament report from 2007, submitted by the respectable Swiss prosecutor and EU rapporteur Dick Marty, about same crimes against humanity- KLA “forcible human organ trade” (from the captured Serbs). This report was also subsequently brushed under the rag, and Mr. Marty was just silenced.

All that happened in order to prevent any interference with US sponsored “Kosovo independence” in 2008, which translates into violent and illegal break-up of this Serbian province from international recognized state “Republic of Serbia”…

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the scale of real prejudice, bias, coverup and probably “physical elimination” of at least dozen of Serbian prisoners (who died at ICTY Shevengen jail under very suspicious circumstances), at Hague- is much larger, and would require much more space, than it is available here…

Author Miodrag Novakovic is founder of FBR Media Group @ FBReporter.org, FaceBookReporter.org… Author wrote 6 books in Serbian language, he is the member of IFJ(international federation of journalists). At present he lives in Vancouver, Canada…

“SERBian FBReporter” Editor and Investigative Journalist M. Novakovic


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