MACRON’s General Message and New U.S. State Department Covert Operation

MACRON’s General Message: France Has NO Evidence of Chemical Weapons’ Usage

The French president in an interview with El Pais (22 JUN 2017) said that the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power is no longer a priority in resolving the Syrian crisis.
“France no longer sees the displacement of Assad as a priority for anything as well as I do not see who could become his legitimate successor,” Macron said.

Here and on this occasion, the French president also called on the countries to concentrate on the fighting terrorism. He stressed it is necessary to work out an entirely new plan of actions in Syria. Special attentions, he said, must be dwelt on the allies of Assad adding that combatting the threat of terrorism effectively requires the active participation of all the parties, and especially Russia.
During the interview, Makron allowed himself to criticize Barack Obama for not keeping promises. Namely, the former U.S. President announced a tough answer in case Assad would cross the so-called Red Line. At the same time, the president of France hinted that the country is ready to launch air strikes on Syria without the U.S. support.

It turns out that the French president contradicts himself when he claims that there is no real evidence of the Syrian president’s involvement in chemical attacks. “If the evidence of the use of chemical weapons arose,… and we would know who used it and where this weapon came from, France will respond immediately by carrying out airstrikes,” Macron said.
The second question also is how could the world community compete to accuse Assad then? Indeed, Emmanuel Macron made it clear that there are no real reasons for this as of today. The absence of chemical weapons in the hands of the Syrian president was claimed by the OPCW as early as in 2014.

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2nd piece

New U.S. State Department Covert Operation: ‘The Seven Americans’

According to the New York Times, the U.S. Administration sends a group of civilians to Syria with the aim to try to restore stability in some areas. In particular, the issue at stake here is about territories liberated from ISIS by the so-called and U.S. – supported moderate opposition.
The New York Times claims the group consists of seven people from the U.S. State Department and security services. The purpose of the mission is allegedly to prevent the humanitarian crisis and to help the Syrians to return home. ‘Specialists’ will have to organize work on cleaning up the territories from roadside bombs left behind by the terrorists, to restore electricity and to gain access to drinking water. (Does State Department have such specialists?) It is noticed also that information about this step and about the deadlines (time frames of the action) was not made public
The more so, sending such a small group leaves open the question of whether these efforts will be sufficient to solve the complex task of restoring normal conditions for the lives of millions of Syrians or not.
In fact, it is not entirely clear how the seven representatives of the U.S. State Department and the U.S. security services will be able to organize works on cleaning up the territories from bombs and restoring civil infrastructure, not to mention such a vast territory. There should be much more specialists to carry out such the objectives. In addition, they must be narrowly specialized and experienced in this field.
“This is a minimalist approach and the problems that may arise would require more significant efforts,” said James Dobbins, the former U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.
At present the mission looks like not as a humanitarian action, but as some kind of a covert operation with the aim, for example, to conduct separate peace negotiations. We can only guess who, when and why will be sent to Syria.

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Graduates of a police force trained by the United States. They are expected to be deployed in Raqqa when in retaken. Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Adolf Hitler at a meeting of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party

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