EDITORIAL- Let’s Not Forget: The tragic faith of Serbs & Jews in WWII Croatia…

Let’s Not Forget: The tragic faith of Serbs & Jews in WWII Croatia…

EDITORIAL– In WWII Nazi Croatia, a.k.a. “NDH”- stands for “Independent State of Croatia” (which expanded with Hitler’s approval to the entire territory of today Bosnia and Herzegovina, parts of Serbia and parts of Montenegro) two million Serbs were forced to wear “blue badge” with the sign “P”, which would indicate their Serbian nationality and Orthodox Christian religion- While around 40,000 Croatian Jews were forced to wear yellow badge with the Jewish star.

At least half of those Serbs perished (over a million) in Croatian concentration camps (and “pogroms in open”), which exceeded in brutality and savagery, even the most notorious German camps, while around 80% of Jews (over 30,000) were savagely exterminated in Croatian death camps, along with Serbs.

While the world is mostly aware of the tragic fate of Jews in WWII Croatia, the genocide which Croatia conducted over Serbian population is systematically overlooked, underestimated, or simply denied- Not only by modern Croatia (which emerged again as “Independent State” during the bloody breakup, sponsored by some leading NATO countries, of Socialist Yugoslavia, in 90ies) but by the West in general.

Reasons for such prejudice and ignorance lie probably in the fact, that “the biggest sponsors” of modern Independent State of Croatia were Germany and USA. Germany historically used the loyal Croatian “catholic state” for its colonial policies in the Balkans in both world wars, and most recently when “she” emerged as “Unified Germany” after the collapse of Berlin Wall. US and other major NATO countries today count on “Anti-Slavic” Croatia as a loyal and ruthless ally in future wars against Russia and other orthodox Slavic countries in the East.

These were the main reasons why Croatia recently was on “the fast track” for accession into NATO and EU, and why the West turned blind eye on (US & Germany sponsored) the biggest ethnic cleansing in post WWII Europe- Which took place in a summer of 1995, when Croatian army and paramilitary- with covert US intelligence and military support (while Germany illegally supplied Croatia with military hardware from former East Germany reserves) in military offensive against UN protected Safe Havens, in the Serb held and populated, Knin’ Krajina and Slavonia Krajina- expelled almost entire Serbian population (remaining survivors and descendants of Croatian WWII genocide), killing hundreds of innocent civilians, mostly elderly, women and disabled persons. Estimates of ethnically cleansed (permanently) Serbs, range from 250 to 350 thousand.

…And the West just stood quiet, allowing Croatia, for the second time in 20th century, to get away with the horrendous crimes against humanity- While in the same time frame, the execution of hundreds of war prisoners (mainly Bosnian Jihadi fighters), captured by Bosnian Serbian forces in Srebrenica & couple thousand of combat deaths of Bosnian Islamic fighters, Western powers “politically-conveniently” labeled as “Genocide”…

By FBReporter Editor M. Novakovic, January 31st, 2017



By FB Blog “Istorija Srba”, Translated by FBReporter, 29.012017

Croatian Fuhrer Ante Pavelic, 12 days after his arrival to capital Zagreb, where he assumed the power, had issued the law act outlawing Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (it was published in “People’s papers”, issue #11, dated April 25th 1941)

On June 3rd, 1941 all Serbian schools, child care facilities and shelters for poor and helpless Serbs were outlawed too (published in “People’s papers”, issue #56, dated June 21st, 1941).

Serbs of Orthodox Christian religion, residing in Croatian capital Zagreb and all other NDH towns, were ordered to wear and publically display the blue badge with big letter “P” (in Croatian Latin alphabet)- which clearly indicated what kind of official treatment Serbs can expect in this Third Reich puppet state, ran by Croatian Nazi brand: “Ustasha”.

The letter “P”, similar of, and with same purpose, as yellow badge with Jewish star, also indicated, that two million Serbs soon will be herded into ghettos, to be forced either to convert to Roman Catholic religion, which Croats sarcastically named “The fate of ancestors”, or flee to German occupied Serbia, or just to be mercilessly killed at spot and “sent to God”.


To “give you a taste” what was a life for Serbs in WWII Croatia we present you here with the original document “Ustasha Order” saved in Croatian state archive, dated July 12th, 1941 (Note: life for insignificant number of surviving Serbs in today EU member state Croatia did not change much, only the “Holocaust methods” of persecution are more “sophisticated”) . Bellow this document is a translation of this Croatian Ustasha order…



All Serbs– men and women, all people of Orthodox Christian religion, regardless if they recently converted to other religion, of both sex- male and female, of age between 16 and 70 years- are required to register with Ustasha Police Authority, in Velika Zupa, Zagorje, at street addres: Stjepan Radic, in Varazdin.

Those who don’t register will be taken to camps as forced labor.

The registration will start on July 15th, 1941.

In Varazdin, on July 12th, 1941

Commissioner of Ustasha Police, for Velika Zupa, Zagorje

Bozidar Gregl, v.r.


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    Чланак је “ФБР Едиторијал” и ФБР превод на енглески текста који је аутор преузео са ФБ странице Историја Срба, и садржаја фотокопије усташког прогласа (у прилогу):
    “Хрватски поглавник Анте Павелић је 12 дана после доласка у Загреб и преузимања власти издао “Законску одредбу о забрани ћирилице” (објављена је у “Народним новинама” бр. 11 од 25. априла 1941. г.).
    3. јуна 1941. укинуте су све српске школе, одгајалишта и сиротишта (објављено у истим новинама бр. 56 од 21. јуна 1941. г.).
    “Србима-православцима наређено је у Загребу, као и у осталим градовима, да носе око руке плаву траку” на којој је имало да буде слово “Р” (латиницом) чиме се одмах јасно ставило до знања какав положај у усташкој НДХ могу да заузимају Срби. Тако је овај знак “Р” – “pravoslavac” – планиран да буде гетовски знак за проказаних око 2 милиона Срба у НДХ, који су морали или да приђу “вјери дједова” (како су Усташе називале римо-католичку веру) или “да се уклоне из НДХ и то или емиграцијом у Недићеву Србију или одашиљањем Богу на истину, са спасеним или неспасеним душама”.”


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