If Tesla was born 70 years later, he almost certainly would be murdered in Croatian WWII death camp…

If Tesla was born 70 years later, he almost certainly would be murdered in Croatian WWII death camp- Only, because he was Serb!


Croats are obsessed with “national purity”, that’s why they should be proud of Nikola Tesla- He is one of “the purest Serbs” to ever walking the Earth…

It doesn’t pass a day- that I don’t bump into some social media, internet blog, news agency or official political statement- which is misrepresenting the facts about one of the greatest world scientists: Nikola Tesla.

The most common, and the most cynical, misrepresentation is that Tesla is Croatian scientist. To be precise, that Tesla himself was Croat. Such misrepresentation couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nikola Tesla[1] was born on July 10th, 1856 in Serbian village Smiljan, near town of Gospic, in Serbian autonomous region Krajina (Military Frontier) within Austrian (later +Hungarian) Empire. What we call today: State of Croatia, at that time simply did not exist.

His Family Tree proves that he would be considered under any “ethnical standard”- as one of “the purest Serbs”: His father Milutin Tesla was Serb, Orthodox Christian Priest. His mother Georgina, nicknamed “Djuka” was born in Serbian Orthodox Christian family; her father was also a Serbian priest. In 1856th year, newborn Nikola Tesla was baptized as Christian in the Serbian Orthodox church “Saint Peter & Paul”, where his father served as a Serbian priest.

Prior to WWII, Tesla’s village Smiljan was purely Serbian, according to the statistics from 1941- in this small village were living 621 Serbs.

Arrival of Croatian Führer Pavelic meant extermination of all Teslas in Nikola Tesla’ birth place in Krajina…

Soon after Hitler started WWII and Germany & Italy invaded Kingdom of Yugoslavia on April 6th, 1941, the Croatian Nazi brand, called Ustasha, seized the state control in Croatia. The home based, leading Ustasha Slavko Kvaternik took control over the police in a Croatian capital Zagreb. Meanwhile the Croatian “Führer” and a founder of Ustasha movement, Dr Ante Pavelic, who was in exile in Italy (trying to avoid the death sentence- he was convicted to, by Yugoslavian court, due to his terrorist activity) returned to Croatia on April 17th, accompanied by several hundreds of hard-core Ustasha[2] paramilitary troops.

Upon his arrival, Pavelic promoted himself into the supreme Chief of State (in Croatian “Poglavnik”- which was corresponding to the Führer’ title in Hitler’s Nazi Germany). Soon Pavelic met with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini offering them loyalty and military alliance. In same time he declared the Independent State of Croatia (NDH)[3]  which with Hitler’ blessing expanded beyond nowadays Croatia, covering the entire Bosnia & Herzegovina, and some parts of Monte Negro and Serbia.

“Führer Pavelic” started massing Ustasha Nazi military formations and regular Croatian army, called “Domobrans”, with only one strategic goal in his mind – creating ethnically pure Independent State of Croatia, free from all Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and from other “non-pure Croats”.

His formula for creation of the pure ethnic Croatian state- in which, according to CIA study from 1995, at the end of 19th century, one quarter of population were making Serbs- was: 1/3 Serbs to be killed, 1/3 to be expelled and 1/3 to be converted (forcibly) to Roman Catholicism, and then “registered as Croats”!  For his “work” Pavelic gained full support from Vatican and Croatian Roman-Catholic church, namely from Croatian Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac.

…End, one of the biggest (proportionally), and the most bestial genocides in WWII could begin…

Even the notorious Gestapo was appalled with Croatian savagery and bestiality towards Serbian civilians. According to Gestapo statistics, Croatian nationalist in first 8 months of WWII murdered at least 300,000 Serbs. Their report to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, dated February 17, 1942, states next:

Increased activity of the bands [of rebels] is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustasha units in Croatia against the Orthodox population. The Ustasha committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children. The number of the Orthodox that the Croats have massacred and sadistically tortured to death is about three hundred thousand

Tesla’s home town Gospic was “a ground zero” for Croatian genocide over Serbs

Sadly, if nowadays you decide to visit Tesla’s home village Smiljan, you wouldn’t be able to find any of his relatives, or even Serbian neighbours, at least not above the ground; You might be able to find them under the ground in the mass graves, but only with a help from the local guide, because even today, in 21st century, the democratic EU member Republic of Croatia doesn’t allow their graves to be visibly marked. Especially not to be marked with the Serbian Cyrillic letter.

You might think that modern Croatian government is ashamed of own “Ustasha Legacy”, and that is why they don’t want the world to find out that all Tesla’ relatives and neighbours were savagely murdered and thrown into the mass graves or nearby caves. You couldn’t be more wrong, modern Croatia, which never was pacified after WWII, and never had to face own ghosts from the past (like Germany did) actually is very proud of its state predecessor from WWII- Nazi puppet state “NDH”.

Croats were attacking Krajina using the strategy of “Scorched Earth”…

On August 2nd, 1941, on one of the biggest Serbian Orthodox Christian holidays- “Saint Ilija”, Ustasha Nazi units, assisted by the local Croatian villagers, surrounded Tesla’s home village Smiljan which numbered 621 Serbian residents, and savagely tortured, raped and murdered all Serbs, they could capture, including little babies, children, women, and elderly. On that day they brutally killed 506 innocent people…

…In following days Croats killed 52 more Serbs from Smiljan, making the total number of innocent victims at 568. The detailed testimony of this massacre was provided by the Croatian witness Ante Antunovic, before Yugoslavian (Croatian) court, in Tesla’s home town, Gospic, on June 6th, 1952. He testified that Ustasha raid and massacre was led by the Ustasha commander, of nearby Croatian concentration camp “Jadovno”, Rudolf Ric[4] and two lower ranks Ustasha: Joso Adzija and Dragan Devcic. Eyewitness Antunovic provided very horrific account of this atrocity, which was intended to wipe out the Tesla’s home village from the face of Earth…


In Tesla’s birthplace Smiljan, 119 of his relatives were savagely murdered, including newborn babies, children, women, elderly…

….Their only guilt was: They were Serbs

…Among the victims, of the 1941 Croatian/Ustasha massacre in Smiljan, were 119 Tesla’ relatives and 127 Serbian children, between age of 1 and 15 years. The most brutal aspect of this genocidal crime was that Croats executors murdered with knives 27 newborn babies and set them on fire, those small babies were not even baptized- so they remained the nameless victims. Twelve victims of “St Ilija Massacre” were elderly people, aged 80 years and plus…

…During the massacre of Smiljan’ residents Croatian executors razed to the ground Tesla’s birth home and Serbian Orthodox church “Saint Peter and Paul”(in which his father served as a priest), where Nikola Tesla was baptized as the newborn baby. Couple dozens of Smiljan’ residents initially avoided capture, but they had been hunted down until the end of WWII (and the end of the Croatian Independent State- NDH). Thirty of them were captured by Ustasha and Croatian neighbours, on March 5th 1945, and hanged from the trees, posts and other road marks, leading to the ruins of Tesla’ home, in Smiljan.

Fifty years after Croatian nationalists joined Nazi Germany and started their “liberation war” for the ethnically pure Independent Croatian State (NDH) during which they murdered at least one million of Serbs- The new Croatian “war for independence” started, and once again the new genocidal atrocities were committed over remaining surviving Krajina Serbs.

In 1991- as the head of the Croatian State (read: Führer) was appointed former Yugoslavian general Franjo Tudjman. He will be remembered as publically stating that he was “very glad that his wife was neither Jew nor Serb.” Then, Croatian nationalists, waving old Ustasha flags (and often Nazi “swastika flag”), and led by general Tudjman, launched the illegal war against federal Yugoslavian government, and repeated WWII atrocities against their Serbian neighbours…

…And this time, among the first Serbs marked for the extermination by Croatian nationalists (with the green light from general Tudjman[5]), were again Tesla’s neighbours from his home village Smiljan, and his home town of Gospic.


Croatian nationalists finally recognized Nikola Tesla’ importance- They blew up his monument, in his hometown of Gospic, in 1991.

EU sponsored, “Democratic Croatian government” is (at present time) making significant efforts to present Serb Nikola Tesla, as one of the greatest Croatian scientists. Ironically, one of the first brave acts of Croatian nationalists, during “1991 Independence War”, was to blow up Tesla’s monument in his home town of Gospic, in 1991. Then in 1992, Croatian nationalists razed to the ground Serbian Orthodox Church “Saint George”, again in Tesla’s home town of Gospic. But the worst was yet to come…

…As the Serbian academic and journalist Zdravko Krstanovic described: “The final extermination act of Smiljan’ Serbs (in Tesla’ home village) took place during “Croatian Independence War” in 90ies, when Croats decided to eliminate handful of remaining and surviving Serbs in Smiljan, mostly elderly people. In 1991, in Smiljan, Croatian nationalists had tortured and killed Jovo & Rada Bogic, Jovo Lemaic, Mica & Milan Pejnovic, and Bogdan Rajcevic.

Same year in the fall, they killed 80 year old man Lukica Pejnovic, while he was attending crops. The last surviving elderly Serb from Smiljan, who felt victim to the “Croatian liberators”, was Borka Vranes, born in 1926. She was brutally murdered and set on fire, in Tesla’s home town of Gospic in 1993.

Their only guilt- They were Serbs…

Eleven “Tesla” surnames are “engraved” at the Croatian memorial center Jasenovac- by many accounts a place of the most horrific Nazi death camp in WWII; where at least 700,000 Serbs and Jews were slaughtered, exclusively with the knives and other butchery tools…

For Croatian authorities, which are otherwise very skilful in hiding own (historical) atrocities, today is impossible to deny, that Tesla’ relatives were mercilessly hunted down and killed, only because they were Serbs. The evidence about this is preserved and presented in the Croatian state’ ran “Memorial Center Jasenovac”. Concentration camp Jasenovac, ran by Ustasha- and its chain of smaller camps, including the special camps designated for Serbian & Jewish children and women- was probably the most savage, and the biggest (proportionally) Nazi concentration camp in WWII Europe.

Yugoslavian historians put the number of Serbs killed in Jasenovac to 700,000.  Simon Wiesenthal Center puts the number of killed Serbs in Jasenovac camp to 500,000. Probably one of the most “legally credible” testimony was of Alexandar Arnon, during the trial of Adolf Eichmann in 1961, he puts the number of Jasenovac victims to 600,000. But German Wehrmacht sources from WWII should be taken as credible too- Ernst Fick estimated that by 1944, in Jasenovac were murdered at least 700,000 Serbs (which is consistent with the Yugoslavian historical archives and as such likely more accurate)…

…Any way, most of the original Ustasha archives were destroyed intentionally, not only by Croats, but by the communists too, who (led by Croat Josip Broz Tito) seized the power in Yugoslavia, in the aftermath of WWII, and then razed the Jasenovac concentration camp to the ground, destroying or seizing original documents, even forbidding (for decades) surviving family members of Jasenovac victims to visit the former death camp and pay respect to their loved ones.

Miraculously, some evidence was preserved, from which we can see that some of Tesla’ relatives were deported to this notorious Croatian concentration camp, to be there savagely murdered. From the “Jasenovac Memorial” documents, we can verify that at least 11 Teslas were the victims of this horrific Ustasha’ death camp:

Name –              Father ‘name – DOB (they all were killed from 1942 to 1944)

  1. Tesla Boja (Pane)       1889
  2. Tesla Boja (Savo)       1894
  3. Tesla Dusan (Petar)  1913
  4. Tesla Ilija (Nikola)     1882
  5. Tesla Jelica
  6. Tesla Lazo (Rade)     1903 – born in Tesla’ hometown of Gospic
  7. Tesla Mile
  8. Tesla Milivoje (Andrija)1925
  9. Tesla Milos (Djuro)   1902
  10. Tesla Sava                 1873
  11. Tesla Stevo                1926


Croatian government, which is running Tesla memorial center in Smiljan, not only denies any historical existence of Serbs in the region- It uses the pejorative and misleading Ustasha vocabulary, in its “memorial presentation”, to describe the original Serbian residents…

If at present time you decide to visit the “Nikola Tesla Memorial Center” (NTMC), established in 2006 by the Croatian government (GOC), in his home village Smiljan, its sterile appearance might remind you of a scene from some horror movie- The village is completely “depopulated” from its original Serbian residents, and from all Tesla’s relatives…

…They are still “there”, but you won’t be able to find them above the ground, because they have been thrown into the unmarked mass (or single) graves, during two “Croatian Independence Wars”, in last century. To be more precise, after WWII surviving Serbs from Smiljan collected most of the remains of their murdered relatives and neighbours, and buried them just ten meters behind the church, in a marked mass grave, with tombstone which listed in Serbian Cyrillic letters the names of all Smiljan’ victims.

In 90ies, Croatian nationalists who hate not only Serbs, but their Cyrillic letter too as a very recognizable symbol of Serbian existence, destroyed the writing on the tombstone, defacto turning it again into an unmarked mass grave. So far modern Croatian government (which is very nationalistic and proud of its WWII NDH legacy) is refusing to restore the original Cyrillic encryption.

If there weren’t for the regular visitors, bussed regularly to Smiljan village, all you would be able to hear, would be the eerie sound of a dead place. But as I said, the visitors are coming steadily, many people from the around the world would like to see the original birthplace of one of the greatest world scientists in the mankind history. What they wouldn’t be able to see- that is the original Tesla’ home where he was born and the original Serbian Orthodox Christian church where his father attended service as a Serbian priest, because they were completely destroyed, twice in modern history, by the “Croatian warriors for the independence”[6]

They don’t know why there are no original Serbian residents in this originally Serbian village, they don’t know why there are no more surviving Teslas in Nikola Tesla’ birth place, they don’t know why the original historic buildings are replaced by the fake ones, they don’t know why there is no single mention of words: “Serb” or “Serbian” in NTMC gallery or on the site presentation…

They don’t know, because the modern and “democratic” Croatian government simply doesn’t want them to know!

  • And at the end of the day, for the Croats this (Tesla’ birth place) is just the profitable business- they are charging the tourists, descending daily on Smiljan, around 7 Euros for a single visit. But those visitors don’t know the “horrific ghost story” and real truth behind such sterile memorial presentation.

I went carefully through their site presentation and I couldn’t find a single word that would refer to Krajina, Gospic or Smiljan residents, as the Serbian entities- which they, clearly and historically proven, were. In fact, I couldn’t find any reference to the words: Serb, Serbs or Serbian- except in one single sentence, which provided a general reference to the general existence of Serbian Orthodox Church, and pointed at the general presence of Serbs in some other parts of Croatia. So, according to the modern Croatian authorities Serbs never lived in Tesla’s Krajina!?

In fact, what was very offensive to me, and to any other Serb for that matter (I would assume), Croatian references to Krajina Serbs were visibly pejorative, racially charged, and obviously borrowed from the old genocidal Ustasha ideology- which derived from the Croatian nationalist ideology, of its historical founder, Dr Ante Starcevic[7]

…NTMC internet presentation describes the existence of “Croatian/Slavonian Krajina” under Austrian Kingdom military rule, at the time Tesla was born, but it doesn’t mention or refer in any manner that it was actually a Serbian autonomous region “Krajina”, and that Croatian state simply did not exist then.

I already mentioned that Croatian authorities were very careful to avoid any reference to Serbian existence in Krajina (Lika), but what I find very troubling is the nationalistic and pejorative language borrowed from the Ustasha ideology, used here to describe the existence of Krajina’ native people (we already know they were by large majority Serbs, including Tesla family- what better proof is than Tesla’s birth village itself, which was purely Serbian, until Croats exterminated all its residents during their “independence wars”).

In NTMC presentation, section “Short history of Tesla’ homeland”, native Krajina people are either described as “Vlachs[8]”, Orthodox (Christians), or Greek/Misfits (gerčko-nesjedinjeni). Only hard-core Croatian nationalists would know that all these expressions refer, either in a pejorative or in a misleading manner, to the native Serbian people. Ordinary Croatian citizens or foreign visitors, who depend of the official site presentation, would never know that NTMC nationalistic language is actually referring to the native Serbian people.

Behind Führer Pavelic’ “Orthodox wording” is hiding the old Ustasha project of creating “universal” Croatian nation, regardless of the religious background of its “loyal subjects”

Tesla Memorial Center is, among other expressions, when referring to the original Krajina residents, using “the Orthodox” adjective, strictly avoiding to attach it to the Serbian ethnic group- where it belongs. At first sight it might look that somehow Serbs are being recognized at least indirectly, but that is not here the case.

The fake Orthodox Christian Church under the name: “Croatian Orthodox Christian Church” was created during WWII in Zagreb (NDH capital), upon the order of “Führer Pavelic” himself, on April 3rd, 1942. Officially it was explained (cynically) as an intention “to improve the status of Serbs”, but in reality it was done from two main reasons: firstly, to convince Serbs that they “can practice their religion” as long as they accept to become Croats; secondly, to create division within the canonized Serbian Orthodox Christian Church.

My research of this topic revealed that NDH Supreme military leader Pavelic was trying to achieve only one goal- to populate Independent Croatia with only Croats, regardless of their religious background. We can see that logic in his acceptance of Bosnian Muslims as pure Croats; he even nicknamed them a “Croatian Flowers”. While NDH spiritual leader, Catholic Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac, was aiming to convert all NDH “loyal subjects” to Catholicism, and he did not care much if they remain ethnically,  for some time, Serbs, or Bosnians- because he knew, from the historical experience, that they eventually will accept a new Croatian identity.

The recent revival of this Pavelic’ Ustasha project in modern Croatia only proves this theory- Croatian nationalist and Catholic Ive Matanovic has announced on March 12th, 2010 creation of “The Croatian Orthodox Christian Church” in city of Zadar. Couple months later, on September 10th 2010 Croatian nationalists (very probably under the guidance of one of many Croatian security services) have formed “The Association of Croatian Orthodox Believers” ACOB, and to remove any suspicion about their intention, they openly stated their goal:

ACOB has a goal of: forming the Autocephalous Croatian Orthodox Church and free self-identification of Orthodox Christians as Croatian nationals”.

Croatian ran “Nikola Tesla Memorial Center” is used, not to celebrate the world renowned Serbian scientist, but to cover the genocidal acts, that were committed against 119 Tesla relatives and 500 other Smiljan’ villagers in recent history…

The NTMC false presentation of the Krajina (Lika) ethnic picture is hard to understand from the logical point (we understand it very well from the irrational point of Croatian nationalistic hatred of ethnic Serbs) because the official census is proving that in Tesla’ Krajina, in 1991 Serbs (remaining survivors of Croatian WWII genocide) were still making majority of the regional population. According to this Croatian census, in Krajina region were 41,546 Serbs (50.12%) and 37,719 Croats (45.50%). Prior to WWII (and following Croatian genocide over Serbs), this region had over 200,000 (mostly Serbian) residents.

During WWII the term “Vlach” was a favorite (pejorative) Ustasha term[9] to describe Serbs within their Nazi puppet state “NDH”, and in general, elsewhere. Along with notorious WWII (1941) Croatian “Führer” Pavelic and modern (1991) Croatian “Führer” Tudjman (both are celebrated by the Croatian nationalists and GOC[10] as a modern “Fathers of the Homeland”) – the pejorative “Vlach description of Serbs” was frequently used by the original Croatian “Father of the Homeland”, and hard-core national ideologist, Ante Starcevic, who lived in the late 19th century. On the top of the pejorative “Vlach” term, Starcevic’ linguistic invention: “Greek/Misfits[11]”, was used here by NTMC, to describe Tesla’s Krajina people.

Coincidentally Ante Starcevic was born in Krajina (Lika) too, not too far from Tesla’ birth village. He was born in the village of Zitnik, and Gospic was his home town too. Ironically (for one “great Croatian nationalist”) he was born to a family of a Croatian father and Orthodox (Serbian) mother. Probably his denial[12] of own Serbian roots was the major force behind his unreasonable ethnic and religious hatred against Serbs. His hatred for the Serbs went so far, that he published in 1876 the book with title: “Pasmina SlavoSerbska po Hrvatskoj” in Croatian language- which can be translated as: “Animal Slavic/Serb Breed in Croatia”. His book describes how Croatia should be “ethnically purified(of Serbs).

“He spoke as of the animal breeds and used the word “breed” to mark the people and nations which he saw as cursed and lower ranked races.“

Starcevic had demonstrated a demonic hatred for Serbs, and later this “demonic ideology of hatred” will be adopted by all nationalistic Croatian regimes, from Pavelic’ Ustasha, Tudjman Neo-Nazi, to the present one- “EU housed”, that can be described without any exaggeration as the Neo-Ustasha regime. Starcevic is certainly more celebrated “scientist” in Croatia, then one Nikola Tesla. And here is what Starcevic used to say about Serbs, on the top of describing them as an “animal breed”, and “lower human beings than the Jews”:

“The Jews are less harmful than the Slavoserbs. For the Jews care for themselves and their people … but the Slavoserbs are always for the evil: if they cannot gain a benefit, then they tend to harm the good or just affair, or to harm those who are for the affair.”

…But Starcevic won’t be remembered, at least not world-wide, as a Serb-hater; An ignorant global audience, especially Western, couldn’t care less about the (historically proven) tragic fate of Serbs in last two world wars (and previously during 5 century genocidal Ottoman Islamic rule), and most recently in Yugoslavian civil wars, due to their perception of Serbs as “Little Russians”- He will be remembered globally (at least within the academic society- and mostly by the Jewish intellectuals) as an enormous Jew-hater. As the Croatian historians of Jewish origin Gross and Goldstein described him as a notorious racist and an anti-Semite– and confirmation for such judgment provided Dr Ante Starcevic in his own words:

  “Jews are the breed, except a few, without any morality and without any homeland, the breed of which every unit strives to its personal gain, or to its relatives’ gain. To let the Jews to participate in public life is dangerous: throw a piece of mud in a glass of the clearest water – then all the water will be puddled. That way the Jews spoiled and poisoned the French people too much”. 

If you believe that all of this, cited here in my analysis, would disqualify one proven “Jew and Serb Hater”, such as one Ante Starcevic, from the official & “honorable” Croatian history- then you are dead wrong. Everything is just the opposite…

If you would expect that “modern Croatian folks” and allegedly civilized EU citizens, from the Tesla’s hometown of Gospic, would be nowadays very proud of this extraordinary man, who is worldwide considered to be one of the greatest world minds ever- You couldn’t be more wrong…

…It is impossible to talk about Tesla’s birthplace and his hometown in historical terms and not to mention Dr Ante Starcevic- he was 33 years older than Nikola Tesla, but certainly their life patterns crossed somewhere and at some point. Luckily for Tesla, Starcevic’ philosophy and political teachings were at that time only at the theoretical sphere, so young Tesla did not have to die young (according to Starcevic ideology, he as a Serb was an animal species and not human, and needed to be “removed from the public life”). From the previous chapters of this analysis we saw that 119 Tesla’ relatives (only in his birth village)  had to die in WWII in the hands of Croatian Nazi brand Ustasha, who adopted and fully applied Starcevic’ racist ideology of hatred- towards Jews and Serbs.

So, if you nowadays walk into the Tesla’ hometown Gospic, in Lika region, in S/W Croatia, and if you visit the city’s tourist bureau, you will notice that their official city presentation is listing, as the greatest Gospic’ citizen: Ante Starcevic, then as “the second greatest” is listed Nikola Tesla. Well informed and honest locals would tell you that Tesla (as a Serb) is lucky to be mentioned in city presentation at all- and that Tesla probably was included in this presentation due to pressure from central Croatian government, which realized that for the image of the country probably would be a smart idea to celebrate Nikola Tesla (but in same time to avoid any mentioning of his Serbian roots)

…Gospic is today completely ethnically cleansed of Serbs, and pretty much every single local you would bump in the streets is “a pure Croat”, and if you try to engage them in talk about their former neighbour, and one of the world most famous scientists in the world[13] Serb Nikola Tesla, you really would get a taste what the life is, for the few remaining (surviving) Serbs in the modern democratic Croatia- proud EU member state…

…Respectable Croatian national paper “Jutarnji”, in April 2014 conducted a survey and published an article about “feelings”, among Gospic’ citizens, for their former townsfolk- Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. Reporter Romina Peritz wrote: “It is difficult to avoid feeling that for the Gospic’ municipality Nikola Tesla was more of the burden, than he was a pride.”

Peritz is highlighting the fact that as the most important historical figure in Gospic is favored “The original father of Nazi-Ustasha Ideology[14]” Dr Ante Starcevic, and that is why Tesla was simply marginalized. She is pointing to fact that 70 years anniversary of Tesla’ death was commemorated worldwide, but not in his hometown. Simply, the local authorities decided that on January 7th 2012 the “Nikola Tesla Memorial Center” in Smiljan, should be closed- refusing even to pay a formal respect in a form of “a protocolled laying a wreath” at Tesla’ monument at NTMC. Journalist R. Peritz asserted that only motivation for such animosity against dead scientist was the simple fact that he was a Serb.

One local woman was shouting at Peritz:He (Tesla) got monument in Smiljan, isn’t that enough?” No one should be surprised with such outpour of ethnic hatred towards Serbs, even the dead ones, in one (one of many in modern Croatia) completely ethnically cleansed city. As I mentioned before, in 1991 “Croatian independence warriors” blew up the Tesla monument in Gospic, furthermore they renamed the “Nikola Tesla” city square into “Ante Starcevic”. But that wasn’t the worst-


“Gospic Massacre”- The day when Tesla’ countrymen were hunted down and mercilessly killed- Happened in Tesla’ hometown, in modern Croatia, in 1991

As we learned from the previous chapters during WWII Gospic was Ground Zero for extermination of Jews and Serbs, in this part of “Independent Croatia”, and that Tesla’ birth village was completely whipped out from the face of Earth, and his 119 relatives were brutally murdered by Croatian nationalists. We learned as well that WWII atrocities were repeated in Smiljan in 1990ies, when remaining eight elderly Serbs were brutally murdered.

What we did not mention, and what is important in understanding this systematic pathology of hatred against Serbs in Tesla’ birthplace, is: that during the last Croatian independence war, Gospic became once again the Ground Zero for extermination of local Serbs– which is supported with hefty of evidence, coming not only from International authorities, but from the Croatian sources as well. The events that took place in Gospic during the last 2 weeks in October 1991 are described in court and historical documents as “The Gospic Massacre”.

Croatian national guard (118th Infantry Brigade), which was under direct command of the official Zagreb[15], rounded between 100 and 120 Serbs and simply murdered them without any trial or any proven guilt. Most of them were prior to the execution tortured. The Croatian soldiers then threw 10 bodies of dead Serbs in the septic tank, they burned 24 others and threw them in the fields of Gospic outskirts, 18 dead Serbs were thrown in the mass grave, and six others were buried in shallow unmarked graves. According to official documents 123 Gospic’ Serbs were missing in the aftermath of “Croatian military action”, most of them were never found. Their property was looted and stolen by Croatian soldiers and local Croats. Under the international pressure in 2000 some of the Croatian officers and soldiers were indicted and sentenced, but most were acquitted. The Croatian leadership which ordered this “ethnic cleansing operation” in Tesla’ hometown, were never held accountable…

…And what to say for the “Serb-hating” residents of Gospic– When the accused local Croatian war criminals from the city who took part in 1991 massacre of Serbs: Stjepan Grandic, Ivica Rozic and Milan Canic, were taken in custody in 2001, those residents staged riot in Gospic attempting to seize the police vans, which were transporting them to the jail. They failed. This riot was repeated in second biggest Croatian city Split and in the capital Zagreb, this time hundreds of thousands of Croats took the streets, justifying killing of Serbian civilians, and demanding the release of the bloody war criminals…

Promoters and executors of genocidal policy towards Jews and Serbs are receiving the highest national decorations in modern Croatia, while one Nikola Tesla is considered just “a burden”

…But, if you believe that such frantic nationalism is limited only to the Croatian mob on the streets and some local hard-core nationalist authority, like in the case of the Gospic municipality, then you are again dead wrong. Modern Croats are very proud of their “Fathers of the Homeland”, starting with Ante Starcevic, Ante Pavelic and (for the time being) ending with Franjo Tudjman. What a better proof than the fact that in the Republic of Croatia, today at least 203 streets and city squares are named after the “Father of Ustasha Ideology” Ante Starcevic (data from 2008), including some schools. Which, according to Wikipedia, makes him “the sixth most common person eponym of streets in the country”…

…If you naively believed, that such institutionalization of Starcevic’s Nazi style nationalism[16] in Croatia would be satisfying for the Croatian right wing government, you are wrong again. Before we proceed with this analysis, I have to highlight again the fact, that we are talking here about “the Croatian scientist” who pictured, in his academic books, Jews and Serbs as “an animal breeds without any morality” that shouldn’t be allowed to participate in public life. In normal country such “a historical figure” would be outlawed, or at least censored. Not in EU member state Croatia-

In April 1995, the same year when he ordered the ethnic cleansing of two Serbian Krajinas (Slavonia & Lika), Croatian president and “Father of the Homeland” general Franjo Tudjman introduced the National decoration “Order of Ante Starcevic”.

Can you imagine? One of the highest national decorations named after the person, whose highest academic achievement was branding Jews and Serbs as “animal breeds”.

Furthermore, I guess in accordance with the name of this “national decoration”, in following years “Order of Ante Starcevic” was awarded to (at least five) accused Croatian war criminals: Gojko Susak, Ante Gotovina, Branimir Glavas, Vladimir Seks and Ivan Vekic…

If international community cares about Tesla legacy, then it should take some concrete steps and remove Croatian jurisdiction over Tesla Memorial site…If?

From this analysis, should be very obvious (even to some “accidental reader”, who knows very little about the Balkan’ bloody history) that Croatian nationalists, especially the ones that are in charge of today modern Croatian government, couldn’t care less about Serb Tesla, and furthermore- they, as long as he is recognized as Serb, would be more than happy to blow up all his monuments, and to dig out of the mass graves (including the one behind his birth home) all the bones of his dead relatives…

…But, if somehow these admirers of Starcevic’ Ustasha ideology, would be able to (maybe, even with the touch of some mysterious magician wand) turn him into a “pure Croat”- and to erase all the Cyrillic letters from the Serbian graves they did not manage yet to destroy, including the Cyrillic letters from the Tesla’ birth certificate-

I believe that in this case Croatian nationalists would be more than ready to celebrate Tesla as the “Number One- Greatest Croat”; which doesn’t mean that they would give up on their Ustasha ideologists: Starcevic, Pavelic, Tudjman, or any future Fuhrer, for that matter…

…As the old Latin saying goes: “lupus pilum mutat, non mentem” – the wolf changes its coat, not its disposition…


Written by Miodrag Novakovic

February 18th 2018, Vancouver





[1] Nikola Tesla (/ˈtɛslə/; Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [nikoːla tesla]; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. (Wikipedia)

[2] Ustasha movement was a Croatian WWII Nazi brand, which exceeded their masters- German Nazis in the barbaric atrocities, against Jews and Serbs

[3] In Croatian language: Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska (NDH)

[4] Croatian concentration camp “Jadovno” was “the base camp” for the chain of smaller camps in Lika (Knin) Krajina region specifically designated to exterminate local Serbian population during WWII (today this is a “Serb-Free Region” in South/West of proud EU member- Independent Croatian Republic). The main staging point for captured Serbian civilians- before they were delivered for “final solution”, to “Jadovno Collection Center”- was Tesla’s home town Gospic. Prisoners were brought there via rail, in “cattle wagons” in horrific conditions. Only in the Concentration Camp “Jadovno” Croatian Ustasha killed, between 11th April and 21st August 1941 (just in 4 months), 40,123 Serbs and Jews, aging from newborns to elderly people. 38,010 murdered were Serbs, and 1,998 Jews. (The data for other “Jadovno” camps was not available to this writer.)

[5] During 1995, general Franjo Tudjman launched two huge (para)military operations designed to capture Serb held regions (Krajina’s Serbs did not accept unilateral Croatian separation, and they insisted on staying in Yugoslavia, for which they had legal rights under Yugoslavian constitution) in Slavonia and Lika (Serbian Krajinas), and expel Serbs from Croatia. During the Croatian spring military operation “Lightning”, Serbs were expelled from Slavonia Krajina, with the silent US approval. During the summer military operation “Storm”, Serbs were expelled from “Lika Krajina” with the active US support (military, intelligence and political). These operations resulted in expulsion of around 400,000 Serbs from Croatia, and were, at that time, described by many mainstream media (including Western) as the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe since WWII. Most of Serbs, who could not flee Croatia during these ethnic cleansing operations, were brutally murdered at the spot. These victims were mostly elderly and disabled Serbs…

[6] ”First in WWII, then Tesla’ birth village was again destroyed in 90ies…

[7] Ante Starčević (23 May 1823 – 28 February 1896), was a Croatian politician and writer. His works are considered to have laid the foundations for Croatian nationalism and he is often referred to as “Father of the Homeland” by Croats. – from Wikipedia

[8] Vlachs (English: /vlɑːk, vlæk/, or rarely /vlɑːx/) is an exonym referring to Eastern Romance-speaking peoples found throughout Eastern and Southeastern Europe (Romanians, Moldovans and Armenians)- Wikipedia

[9] This term was originally Turkish pejorative word (from the Ottoman Empire period and Islamic invasion of Southern Europe) used to describe Serbs as “subhuman”- it was later gladly “reused” by the Croatian nationalists, until present time

[10] Government of Croatia

[11] Used by Starcevic to refer, in pejorative manner, to Serbs as the “outcasts from Christianity”

[12] A frantically denial of Serbian roots (accompanied by ethnic and religious hatred) is a very common feeling among Croatian hard-core nationalists, because the majority of the modern Croatian nation was achieved by (forcibly) converting Orthodox people (Serbs) into Catholics. How far that hatred of any connection with Serbs would go, the best is described in the words of the Croatian priest Fra Srećko Perić, who addressed villagers and Ustasha soldiers, from the altar of Catholic Church in Livanj – Bosnia, in 1941, with next words: “Croatian brothers go and slaughter all Serbs. First slaughter my sister who is married to Serb (and her family). When you finish the job, come back to me in church, where I will accept your confession and give you absolution of all of your sins.”

[13] Linkedin.com is presenting Nikola Tesla @ #6 position as “a one of the greatest scientists of all times”

[14] “The Ustasha ideological system was just a replica of the traditional pure Croatian nationalism of Ante Starcevic.” – Academic (www.enacademic.com)

[15] The Croatian capital

[16] “The Ustasha ideological system was chiefly based on the traditional pure Croatian nationalism of Ante Starčević.” – Dirk DeKlein































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