Jastrebarsko – concentration camp for children

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Jastrebarsko – concentration camp for children

Approximately 30km southwest of Zagreb, alongside the Karlovac-Zagreb highway, lies the town of Jastrebarsko – site of one of the former Ustaša concentration camps specifically for children. Although only operational for a few months in the summer of 1942, this Croatian town will forever be remembered as a site of unimaginable suffering.

Serbian and Jewish children, from as young as 1 month old, were taken from their mothers during their incarceration at camps such as Jasenovac – parent camp of Jastrebarsko, and gathered at sites such as Sisak, Gornja Reka and Jastrebarsko. Transports arrived during the summer of 1942 at the abandoned military barracks previously used by Italian militia, the former manor house of Hungarian nobles including Count Erdödy, and notably, at the Franciscan monastery near Jastrebarsko. Later, arrivals came from camps at Mlaka and Jablanac. One transport to Gornja Reka brought 400 boys…

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