Obsolescence of Brzezinski’s ideas?

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Wright Mills in his book “The Power Elite” (1956), indicates that the key to understanding the American concern would be in the over-organization of their society. Thus, the establishment would be “the elite group formed by the union of the sub-elite political, military, economic, academic and U.S. mass media”, pressure lobbies that would be interconnected by “an uneasy alliance based on their common interests and directed by military metaphysics”, a concept that is based on a military definition of reality and that would have transformed the economy into a permanent economic war. For its part, Brzezinski in an article published in Foreign Affaire (1970), explains his vision of the “New World Order” stating that “it is necessary a new and bolder vision (the creation of a community of developed countries can deal effectively with the broad problems of humanity”, outlines a theory fleshed out in his book” Between Two Ages:…

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