Open letter from Ottawa to European Parliament Re. Croatian Nazi war criminal Stepinac

Serbian FBReporter in English

Ottawa, June 20, 2016

Open Letter
To European Parliament MEPs

Dear MEP,

It is with shock and disbelief that we receive the news that the European Parliament is being used to falsify history, and promote Aloysius Stepinac by having an exhibition in his “honour” in the European Parliament building.

The exhibition was opened by your colleague, vice-president Mairead McGuinness at the request of Marijana Petir, MEP from Croatia on June 14, 2016 in Brussels..

When opening the exhibition, Mme McGuinness admitted she didn’t know very much about Stepinac, until she “learned a little” about him for the occasion. Although unknown to Mme McGuinness, Stepinac is very well known throughout the states of the former Yugoslavia.

Who was Stepinac?

He is the priest on the far right in this picture:


During World War II, Stepinac was a member of parliament of the Nazi satellite “Independent State of Croatia” (Croatian: “Nezavisna Država…

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