Syria’s New Srebrenica in the Making

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Syria’s New Srebrenica in the Making

By Stephen Karganovic
Global Research, March 03, 2018

mudzahedin These Bosnian Jihadi Terrorists were branded by the West in 90ies, as a “Freedom Fighters”- happening once again in Syria (comment by FBR editor)


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Does the comical gullibility of the Western public have any bounds? Disregarding all the previous false alarms and thoroughly debunked psyop false flag operations designed to pin genocidal misconduct on the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Asad in order to produce a rationale for full scale intervention in Syria, the Western propaganda machine is now being reactivated, hoping to finally score where previously it had failed miserably. East Ghouta (2013), Aleppo (2016), Khan Sheikhun (2017), and now a resuscitated East Ghouta with the tedious “Assad killing his own people” narrative all over again — perhaps in this case the fourth time’s a charm, in Syria at…

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