Kosovo “powder keg” – The story about fake asylum seekers…

In the third Chapter I have documented partially, but from credible sources, the presence and activity of ISIS and other extreme Islam jihadist organizations in Kosovo and in the region. Obviously the “Albanian factor” in the future ISIS plans is taking one of the key roles. I hope that we will never find out what this role is in practice. Rather that the authorities in charge will do their job regarding this issue. The last, fourth Chapter, indicates that this, in my opinion, fake “Albanian exodus” has in a whole, or at least partially, plans for an Albanian “colonization” primarily of the southern part of Serbia proper. Of course, this thesis of mine remains to be proved, or denied, in practice. For all of us, the most fortunate solution would be the latter. Time shall say…



By Miodrag Novakovic– translated by Jasmina Djekic
SERBian FBReporter (FBR), February 10, 2015

When gathering documents for this analysis, I went through hundreds of pages of the related materials. Initially, I intended to write down an ample and chronological analysis related to the “abrupt Albanian Exodus” (those reading this article would ask themselves – “What would the ample one then look like”?) But I gave up, upon realizing that our public must already be “fed up” with hundreds of media and quasi-media reports, flooded by “exciting” multimedia content, accompanied with boring statistics. So I decided to go straight to the point…



• What first strikes our attention is “the militant makeup” of this category. According to my estimate, probably over 70% of the asylum seekers are young Albanians of military age. Nick Thorpe from BBC, in his TV broadcast dated February 5, described this category as “young men, between 20 and 30 years of age”.

As observed by this BBC journalist, most of them are dressed nicely; some of them even “too nicely”. Many of them possess expensive mobile devices equipped with GPS, carrying large amounts of “cash” (from several hundreds to ten thousands of Euros – as reported by some of the asylum seekers for the Kosovo media), noted Nick Thorpe. This is quite contrary to their publicly declared status of “economic asylum seekers”- or poor immigrants that are allegedly fleeing to Euro-zone, in order to avoid starvation!?

Such an observation made by some journalists from the western mainstream media got their official confirmation from the media liaison, of the Misdemeanor Appellate Court in Subotica (Serbia), Mr. Aleksandar Ilic. He stated that a significant number of Albanian migrants are being detained by the Serbian authorities in their attempt to cross the Hungarian border illegally, and reach Euro-zone. They are then brought before the misdemeanor judge, fined with up to a couple hundreds of Euros, and then released from custody. Mr. Ilic said that there are no legal grounds to hold them in custody, because they are legally in Serbia – mostly due to the recent EU brokered free regime of travel between Serbia, Albania, and the so called “Republic of Kosovo” (citizens of these entities are now allowed to cross borders only with driver license or other identity card).
Ilic also referred to the observation made by several judges that these refugees coming from Kosovo, mainly from Pristina, Vucitrn and Mitrovica, are decently dressed, having with them larger amounts of money. Since they pay the fine readily, no detention is imposed.
Source: Vesti-online.com.

– In my opinion, this observation made by the judges from Subotica that the majority of the processed Albanians come from the Kosovo cities: Pristina, Vucitrn and Mitrovica – in addition to other witness’ statements, reported by Kosovo media outlet KS.info, referring that mass exodus has been recorded from the villages around the town of Podujevo which are completely deserted – may be very upsetting from the security and military prospective. We have to take into account the geographical layout of this area. These cities form a compact triangle at the far south part of central Serbia, stretching from Presevo on the south to the river Toplica on the north – being the exact territory that has been claimed by Albanian separatists from Kosovo and Tirana, as part of the so called “Greater Albania”.

The striking contrast between “the elegant Albanian asylum seekers” and the ones really looking poor (coming mostly) from the Middle East and Africa, was observed by some other Western mainstream media journalists, as well. For example, EstudiosFronterizos.org cites the comment by Associated Press journalist, who was comparing the “elegant looking Albanian immigrants” with the refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. The AP journalist described a Syrian man, who traveled, most of his journey from Damascus to Hungary, dressed in rags and by foot. He was accompanied by a 12 year old Afghan boy. Both reached the Hungarian territory in terrible condition, with torn shoes and wounded feet. The Hungarian border guards had to provide them with first aid, before they were able to process them…

• In addition – this well synchronized Albanian migration on a huge scale, which also appears to be ethnically clean, taking place in a very tight time frame (between November last year and February this year) – looks to me very strange!? As we already know, tens of thousands of Muslim Albanians (mostly young men) simply rolled into Serbia, then crossed illegally (or legally) the Hungarian border, eventually to “disappear” into Euro-Zone…

Between October and December last year, Hungary processed 21,000 Albanian asylum seekers. Only in January 2015 the Hungarian authorities processed over 10,000 of them. Hence, in just over three months, 31,000 Kosovo Albanians, mostly young men of military age, officially entered EU via Hungary.

According to Nick Thorpe from the BBC, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Thorpe claims that his sources from the Hungarian police told him off the record, that they were able to bring in only 20% of the asylum seekers illegally crossing into the Euro-Zone. Following this logic (statistics), we can assume that, from October 2014 and February 2015, over 150,000 Kosovo Albanians entered the Euro-Zone (out of whom 120,000 reached EU under the radar?).

This unusually high number of “sudden migrants” has been a subject of major Kosovo media reports, too. For example, KS.info cites the official data from the “Kosovo police”, which registered 40,000 departures of Albanians, between September 2014 and January 2015. Nowadays, many Kosovo officials also warn that according to the current trend around 30,000 Albanians leave the province each month. The EU officials are well aware of these alarming numbers. Nick Thorpe from the BBC refers to a statement of a Hungarian border agent, who after interrogating a large group of Kosovo Albanians found out that they had all come from the same village. According to their statement, practically their whole village of around 4,000 people is now on the move towards the “promised land” in Euro-Zone.

It was necessary to present these statistical data, although probably boring to many readers, in order to understand the full dimension of this obviously very well synchronized and organized “spontaneous exodus” of the Kosovo Albanians. In my opinion, such a well organized and synchronized “economic migration” of an entire army of nicely dressed, well fed, equipped with expensive mobile devices (with GPS), and provided with large amounts of money – has until now practically been unrecorded in our modern history!?

• The next abnormality is the cruel calendar time of the year when these “economic emigrants” decided to disclose their “asylum tragedy” before the world public.

The decision to start their “economic exodus” during the worst time (meteorologically) of the year, deprives logic. Simply, the bad economic situation and social despair in the occupied (by NATO and Albanian separatists) Serbian province of Kosovo have been visible and present for years. The conditions are not much different this winter than they were last spring or summer, nor will they become more drastic this coming spring!?

So, what kind of a “logic”, or shall I say dark motive, forced tens of thousands young Muslim Albanians to move “spontaneously” out of season. How come they were accompanied by the “spontaneous” curiosity of almost all the major regional and Western media outlets (probably informed in advance), being also “spontaneously” at hand to report on the “mythical suffering of these “poor Albanian migrants”, walking kilometers in long refugee columns, striding barefoot through half frozen water canals, streams, and ponds, spending the nights in the open, and hiding in the Hungarian rainforests, and fields, bordering Serbia? Even a laic would come to a clear conclusion that this is a skillfully orchestrated “media circus”, designed to present this army of “elegant asylum seekers” before the world as victims of “something”- and thus cause Western sympathy for their alleged “suffering”!? However, the ulterior motive for such a masochistic theatrical performance played by the, until recently, residents of the “anti-Serbian separatist entity” (Kosovo) located in the far south of Serbia proper, still remains unclear.
• Indeed, there is a very striking abnormality – these “refugee exoduses” are ethnically clear. These Albanians, according to their own statements, come from areas where the Serbs (albeit outnumbered) still live.

Therefore, why aren’t there any Serbs among them? If such social despair, hunger and misery prevail in Kosovo that “forced” over one hundred thousand people to leave their hearths and homes in mid winter (even those they usurped from the Serbs) – then why is not one Serb literally among them. An ethnically clear “spontaneous exodus”. Something really stinks here.

Even Milan Ivanovic, president of the Serbian National Council at the north of Kosovo and Metohija in his statement given to the newspaper Vecernje Novosti claims that this has been planned with some hidden intentions. In his opinion, the Albanians do not do these things accidentally, having in mind primarily that the alleged reason for this abrupt “winter exodus” is very illogical, as the bad economic situation has been lasting for years, and the asylum seekers could at least have waited for better weather conditions. According to him there is some political background to these events. Maybe the “exodus” is a potential political argument that the Albanians need the Trepca mine in order to “survive” – wonders Ivanovic!?

According to Dobrosav Dobric, vice-president of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija Assembly, there is plan behind all of this. He also notices that this exodus is ethnically clear, and that the Serbs, who even live in worse conditions in Kosovo and Metohija than the majority of Albanians, are missing in the whole story. Dobric also states the traditionally well informedness of the Albanians and believes that the Albanian refugees know that “something is under way”. He also noticed how well this allegedly spontaneous exodus has been planned and organized.


No one in Kosovo utters this publicly, but “tête-à-tête”. Both common Albanians and some leading intellectuals, as well as media workers (related to the background of the mass Albanian winter migration “towards the north”) – utter in an undertone the words: terrorism and jihad.

Such a conclusion is, however, very logical. Present Kosovo is a mafia-smuggle NATO Protectorate within which anarchy and corruption govern. Kosovo is also, along with the second European (NATO created) “Islam entity”, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a springboard for the penetration into the Euro-zone, of all the “motivated” Islam extremists and jihadists, from the Middle East and Africa. First of all for ISIS and Al Qaida, who do not even hide their plans to escalate the “Islam revolution” in the heart of Europe.

According to a multitude of media reports as well as statements from “firsthand” sources, “something” really seems to be under way. The Vesti Online journalist two days ago talked to an Albanian family from Podujevo – Agim B., age 46, and his son Irfan, claim that unknown people have been appearing during the last months in Vucitrn, Podujevo, Pristina and other cities in Kosovo. They said that rumors were being spread there about an oncoming war in Macedonia and in Serbia!? Irfan stated that there was a growing number of Wahhabi and ISIS activists in Kosovo, some of them being canvassed for their paramilitary formations at the south of Serbia proper, in Macedonia, and in Albania. He said that he had been offered a large amount of money to go to Iraq or Syria as an ISIS fighter. What worries Irfan the most is that those who reject the ISIS recruit officers “offer”, are even being (in)directly threatened.

• These observations of immediate witnesses, Albanian asylum seekers, are supported by the statements of some leading Albanian intellectuals as cited by Tanjug in its January 30 Report – Nexhmedin Spahiu, professor at the University of Pristina (Political Sciences) warned that the background of the last mass demonstrations (and the background of the even more mass Albanian exodus) may well be a planned attack against the Kosovo Serb enclaves. According to him, the opposition gathered around the leaders of Vetëvendosje (Self-Determination) and the Alliance for Kosovo, through an escalation of violence, wishes to effectuate “approval” from the “Quinta” countries, mainly the USA, to dismiss the current leading coalition in Kosovo.

He has made several predictions – in case the change of the regime in Pristina does not take place – there are two possible violent scenarios, in both cases the target of attack would be the Serbs in Kosovo. In the first case, the very regime in Pristina could try to redirect the wrath of the demonstrators towards the Serbs (being traditionally imbued with hatred against their neighbors), and thus keep its “throne”.
In the second case, professor Spahiu estimates that the anti-regime Kosovo opposition could try with a new pogrom against the Serbs in order to persuade the “Western sponsors” that the Serbs in Kosovo can not be protected neither by them, nor the “international community”, nor Belgrade – unless “their (opposition) democracy” is not established in Kosovo…

It is obvious, from the analysis of this Pristina professor, that any kind of (fake) cause is being sought even today for the final showdown against the Serbs and their permanent ethnical cleansing from Kosovo and Metohija!?

The “terrorist aspect” of this abrupt mass migration of Albanians towards the Euro-Union is supported in an interview of Besmir Kokollari, director of the Institute for quality research, analysis and training” (I-Chat) in Pristina, given to Zeri (source: SrbijaDanas.com). According to him, the EU members are aware that this mass migration of Albanians may have a terrorist background because, according to director Kokollari, the poor Albanians easily decide to make violent actions!? He also claims that an alarming number of Albanians is joining the terrorist Islam State ISIS army.

Kokollari’s observation is interesting (and indicating), that upon departure of a large number of “young and poor” Albanians to EU, Kosovo itself would become more stable and safer. This claim of his indirectly suggests that among the alleged Albanian asylum seekers, there are a number of (potential) terrorists…

• What is, however, most upsetting, is the statement of our barefaced Minister of Interior Mr. Stefanovic, who does not see anything upsetting in the abrupt invasion of Albanians into Serbia and their applications for Serbian passports. There are around 60,000 applications of Kosovo Albanians for our passports currently under process.
Minister Stefanovic moreover amused the journalists at the conference held on February 6, when he stated, in the presence of the Swedish Ambassador, that he interpreted such an abrupt and mass application of Kosovo Albanians for Serbian passports with the following words “A larger number of Albanians wants to acknowledge Serbia as their country. That is how I interpret this”- Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Such an infantile and ironic addressing to the media and the domestic public, regarding this very serious security and political problem, caused negative reactions, not only with the Serbian public – but the asylum seekers themselves who felt the need to emphasize that they do not want to have anything with Serbia, except the Serbian passports, which they need only in order to get to EU, while they still recognize only Kosovo as their “state” (source: VestiOnline, Cancer and Jihad are emptying Kosovo).


That “something is cooking” in Kosovo is also confirmed by very reputed western media. The Financial Times journalist and acknowledged expert for the Middle East, David Gardner, on August 7, 2014, commented the ISIS “Ramadan Declaration” whereby the supreme religious authority over all Sunni Muslims in the world has been established. The journalist Gardner pointed out that this declaration was translated into six key (for ISIS) languages: English, French, German, Turkish, Russian and Albanian. Gardner was intrigued by the motive of ISIS to have a relatively small Albanian nation find its place among all of these big nations and the terrorist caliphate plans!? He interpreted this by a powerful “Wahhabism” base in Kosovo, and the ISIS plans to ‘penetrate’ into the entire western Balkans via the Albanians…

According to the writing of MacedoniaOnline dated September 10, 2014, the Albanians from the area of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, who fight in the ranks of the ISIS, are followers of the extreme “Salafist Jihadism” which is akin to “Wahhabism” – its forerunner. This media states that around 250 Albanians from the region are actively fighting in the ranks of the ISIS in Syria and Iraq – that up to now around 40 of them have officially been killed. They cited that the majority of the killed terrorists were from Kosovo 17, Albania 13, and Macedonia 10. This media and the newspaper Dnevnik also stated the names and the age of the killed terrorists. From this newspaper report we also find out that despite the promises about huge profit in the ranks of the ISIS, the fighters get “only” 65 dollars per day. This money comes from Qatar, via Turkey.

Detailed data on the participation of Albanians in the ranks of the ISIS derive from other western sources. The analyst of Huffington Post, Stephen Schwartz, cites that there are a large number of ISIS returnees in Kosovo. His claim is illustrated by data from the “Kosovo authorities” action, requested by EU and the USA on August 11, 2014, when in the police action, synchronized with the western services in Kosovo, 40 people strictly associated with the terrorist caliphate were arrested (Pristina 8, Gnjilane 7, Urosevac 11, Prizren 5, Pec 4, Mitrovica 5). Significant quantities of explosives, weapons and armament were found with these terrorists. It is not hard to hint against whom these were intended!?

The journalist Schwarz describes the Kosovo Albanians as one of the most brutal ISIS fighters, and illustrates this with the case of Lavdrim Muhaxheri, who on his personal Facebook page, on May 12, 2014 posted photographs of himself decapitating a Syrian soldier.

Turkish Weekly stated an interesting fact on January 27, 2015, that according to the official data, around 90 Albanians from Albania joined ISIS in the period from 2012 to 2014 – and that 30 of them have returned to their country, without any consequences, except for allegedly being under police surveillance.

Hence, from all the above presented in this Chapter, it may be concluded that ISIS has been very active in the territory of “Greater Albania”, and that according to the plans of the terrorist caliphate from Mosul, the “Albanian factor” is earmarked with a key role in some future events in the western Balkans…


I wrote an analysis What is common to the Islamization, Albanization and Regionalization of Serbia!? in November 2013. I shall not again get into the details of this text here, but I will point out the main issues of this analysis, that are more current today than they were at the time when I wrote that report. I recommend the readers to read that material given in the attached link.

• In my analysis I indicated to the plans of the West thoroughly elaborated a year after the NATO bombing of FRY in 1999. The German MP and OESC chairman, Willie Wimmer addressed a protest letter to Chancellor Shredder in 2000, with regard to the Euro-Atlantic plans elaborated at the “NATO Conference” in Bratislava the same year. Those plans contained the conclusion that Serbia was to be practically incapacitated as an independent and integral state. I also refer the readers here to my analysis of Wimmer’s letter to see the attached link below.

• One of the key segments of that plan was the charted “regionalization” of Serbia which was envisaged to Serbia, in 2008, in the form of EU conditions for alleged further euro-integrations of Serbia – (co)incidentally this condition coincided with the Kosovo declaration of independence. Following obediently the EU directives President Boris Tadic introduced the Law on Regionalization of Serbia in the parliament procedure the same year, which was passed in mid 2009. The essence of this Law was to perform the “Yugoslavization” of Serbia according to the principle “Strong Regions – Weak Serbia”. This would potentially result in the disintegration and minorization of the Serbian ethnos in its native area – by creating ethnical regions at the outer rims, while the central “Sumadija-Morava” region with the persuasive Serbian majority would, through the process of asylumization and Roma-zation (by the proceedings of fake asylum seekers readmission), drastically change its ethnical image to the detriment of the Serbs.

• Here we already come to the issue of “Roma-zation” of Serbia, elaborated thoroughly by M.A. Petr Iskenderov, senior research fellow at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, in his analysis Giving the Final Blow to the Serbian Statehood, 2009. I advise the readers to read that study as well, hereby attaching the link, as it is connected to the problem of “asylumization” we are dealing with here tied to the background of the newest “Albanian exodus”. I shall in brief only remind the readers that according to Mr. Iskenderov, a Bilderberg plan has been elaborated for creating a “Roma state” in the form of a central region, with the capital of Nis. The majorization of Roma in that region would be accomplished through the process of “re-admission” of hundreds of thousands of Roma from EU, pursuant to the valid agreements between the Serbian regime and EU. As a result of this, Roma without Serbian citizenship are brought into Serbia, hence the ethnical image is artificially amended, of course to the detriment of the Serbs.

• However, what is of most concern for this analysis with regard to the title of that work of mine is the plotted “Islamization” of Serbia, which is taking place unnoticed, far from the eyes of the public. There is no official document with such a concrete title, of course, but this process is obvious, first of all through the sudden “business connection” of the Serbian regime to the Wahhabi regime from the United Emirates, and the close connections of the para-state institution of “Mrs. President’s spouse” Dragica Nikolic, with the Turkish state and the Islam funds, dealing in Serbia according to the principle of “tied trade”.

In my opinion, this last abrupt “Albanian exodus” from Kosovo over the territory of Serbia proper where-from the majority of Albanian, allegedly “jeopardized” asylum seekers enter (or stay) illegally in EU with a Serbian passport and other documents, should be considered within the context of the plotted “Islamization” of Serbia. The fact that they are doing this through the territory of the Serbian State, and mainly with legal Serbian documents, is crucial for understanding the “re-admission” process concluded with the EU, according to which Serbia is obliged to receive in its territory all the deported asylum seekers with Serbian documents, as well as foreign nationals or eupatrids, even persons without documents, if they used Serbia as a transit country when entering EU (from the media reports we see that many Albanian asylum seekers declare openly that if they get deported from EU they are not coming back to Kosovo – meaning that they have a firm intention to remain in Serbia!?).

If we consider the fact, within the context of everything said above, that the state of Serbia during the period between 1999 and 2007 issued 260,000 Serbian passports to Albanians from Kosovo, out of which 170,000 only in Nis, followed by 26,000 passports during the period from 2009 to 2011, according to the words of then Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic (unfortunately I do not have the complete statistics), hence, from the ongoing trend and current application of the Kosovo “asylum seekers” for 60,000 Serbian passports, it is not hard to conclude that the number of the Kosovo Albanians (who do not acknowledge Serbia as their country) who have our passports, has exceeded more than 300,000!?

From the above stated, it is easy to forecast the next scenario – from this number of fake Kosovo Albanian asylum seekers that has almost certainly exceeded a five digit number – a large number of them, if not even a majority, will try to exercise “their right” in the spirit (to the detriment of Serbia) of the Re-Admission Agreement with the EU, EU dictated Law on Asylum and recently amended (again by EU order) Law on Citizenship, that provides to persons (deported asylum seekers) with no documents, aided by two witnesses, to exercise the right to Serbian citizenship.

Of course, these agreements with the EU, very harmful and in some way humiliating to Serbia do not provide only the Albanians and Roma to “colonize” our homeland, but this opportunity is given to all the other transit asylum seekers mainly from the Middle East.

If the very suspicious “deals” of the Serbian government with the Emirates and other extreme Islam regimes, as well as the personal “business” of the president pair Nikolic, with the Middle East and Turkish funds are added to this, then all of this becomes even more serious.

…As the renowned economist Branko Dragas noticed in his recent text The Arabians are mocking with Vucic – the Arabians do not give anyone money without strong interest, and in our case, without the approval of the Americans. Dragas suggests that the Emirates shall very soon withdraw their capital from Air Serbia, and thus make our only national carrier go bankrupt…

As support to Dragas’s observation that the Arabs do not do anything without any interest, is the project of the announced “intellectual Islamization” of our universities. In October 2013, the Minister of Education Tomislav Jovanovic announced the arrival of 10,000 Arabian students, in the ‘arrangement’ of the unnamed fund of “Arabian parents”. I am not familiar with how much this project arranged by the Serbian government has moved off, but it is obvious that there is some kind of a “tied trade” between the Serbian regime and their sponsors from the Emirates. In my opinion, it is obvious that this stroke would also ultimately be in the function of “Islamization” of Serbia.

If we add to all this the appearance of Turkish funds, close to the institution of the ‘Spouse of the President of Serbia’ that are financing at present the change of Serbian surnames into Turkish in the Raska region …
…and the granting of Serbian citizenship by extraordinary decree to persons who are connected with terrorism and crime against humanity, then the image gets more complete.

– I am here referring to the case of Mohammed Dahlan, former leader of the militant wing of the Palestinian Al-Fatah, and the notorious Minister of Police, the man who has been suspected in Palestine of murder (with radioactive poison) of the legendary Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat – to whom the Vucic regime by extraordinary decree at the beginning of last year “gifted” Serbian citizenship (and to five more of his collaborators – Palestinian dissidents).

Surely, this case also proves that some kind of a “tied trade” was under way between the Serbian regime and this very rich Palestinian, a man very close to Sheik Bin Zayed (UАЕ).

I have written in detail about these connections and the dark past of this former notorious head of Al-Fatah in my recent analysis Terrorist from Dedinje – Why has the notorious head of Al-Fatah been granted Serbian citizenship by decree of the Government of Serbia? I am also referring readers interested in this to the attached link for additional information.

My intention, in this Chapter, was to envisage to the readers all the aspects of this, in my opinion, thoroughly planned (potential) Islamization (or if you wish Aalbanization) of a large part of the Serbian state – especially in the light of the current “Kosovo exodus”. I have presented here my “hypothetical observations” which still have to be proved (or denied) in practice – hence I refer the readers not to take everything here “for granted”, but to get informed also from other “comparative sources”…


In the Chapter Abnormalities I have tried to indicate to all illogicality and contradictions of the alleged “economic and politically threatened” status of the Albanian asylum seekers. I have used my personal observations, as well as credible observations of reputed media workers and politicians.

The second Safety Chapter is focused on the political and security aspect of the “Kosovo exodus”, which has been ignored by our regime representatives and state authorities (at least in public appearances).

In the third Chapter I have documented partially, but from credible sources, the presence and activity of ISIS and other extreme Islam jihadist organizations in Kosovo and in the region. Obviously the “Albanian factor” in the future ISIS plans is taking one of the key roles. I hope that we will never find out what this role is in practice. Rather that the authorities in charge will do their job regarding this issue.

The last, fourth Chapter, indicates that this, in my opinion, fake “Albanian exodus” has in a whole, or at least partially, plans for an Albanian “colonization” primarily of the southern part of Serbia proper. Of course, this thesis of mine remains to be proved, or denied, in practice. For all of us, the most fortunate solution would be the latter…

…Time shall say.

М Новаковић

Written by Miodrag Novakovic

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Dragaš: „Arapi se sprdaju s Vučićem“




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