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June 10, 1878                       The “League for Defense of Arbanas People’s Rights” established in Prizren (so-called Prizren League).

June (1) 13, 1878                  Pursuant to the “Skadar Memorandum”, the forming of territorial and ethnical Albania was requested from the great powers and protection (protectorate) over it.

April 18–19, 1879                Intrusion of around 1.000 kacaks across the border line at Prepolac and attack on Kuršumlija.

July12, 1879                         The League in Prizren made a decision to overthrow Turk local administration. Territorial-administrative autonomy requested.

February 15–16, 1880          At secret meeting in Priština the representatives of “Malësia, Ljuma and Dibrë” and all towns of the Kosovo vilayet decided to take away by force the regions from Serbia she gained at the Congress of Berlin.

March 1881                          The Porte made the decision on armed liquidation of the Prizren League (During April the resistance in Priština, Prizren and Djakovica was militarily broken, and several months later in Debar…

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