Truth and lies about the break-up of Yugoslavia: Forget Milosevic, this was a US operation from start to finish

Serbian FBReporter in English

Then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton visiting US Army ‘Eagle Base’, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, December 22, 1997.

It becomes a little less difficult to determine whether we have been informed correctly about Yugoslavia. Did they have a right to present the Nato war as “humanitarian”? Did the Great Powers have secret strategies? Were there media lies told and war propaganda spread?

We recommend that you take this brief Media test in order to have a clear view, and to test how your media is going to inform you in current and coming wars.

Media Quiz

How good is our information on the destruction of Yugoslavia?

1 Did the war begin in 1991 with the secessions of Slovenia and Croatia?
O Yes O No O Don’t know

2 Did Germany deliberately provoke the civil war?
O Yes O No O Don’t know

3 Did the US really remain ‘passive and…

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