Serbia is disintegrating under the “marching orders” from Brussels and Washington !?

Serbian FBReporter in English

EDITOR COMMENT> After Serbia was economically “mutilated” and beaten to the political submission by illegal NATO bombing in 1999, and the consequent USA’ staged “coup d’etat” (“orange revolution”) against president Milosevic in 2000; The country since has been ruled by the ruthless pro-Western puppets- “spineless” and corrupted Serbian politicians, conducting obediently NATO’ imposed political and economic agenda, and having no regard for the Serbian sovereignty and and its true national interests.

 Kosovo is still legally the part of Serbian state, and as such recognized by UN resolution 1244. Under the Western’, mostly American’, political “intimidation” some countries have recognized this Serbian province as a “independent state”, most did not…

598590_10202015564941536_1358482457_nComic depiction of Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic and FM Ivica Dacic- One of EU imposed “humiliating conditions” on Serbia, was a “gay parade”, which must be held every year in Capitol Belgrade. It was perceived by most Serbs as a provocation…

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