Americans are deliberately pushing EU towards war with Russia- NATO intelligence analyst (video&photo)

Serbian FBReporter in English

MIODRAG IMG_6060EDITOR’ COMMENT: Something we have known for a long time, about US meddling in EU internal affairs and even about pushing EU into “direct military conflict” with Russia, has received its confirmation in a recent letter signed by retired NATO intelligence analyst Lieut Cmdr Martin Packard.

Packard is here explaining in “blatant words” that Russian intention, after the original Cold War was over in 1986, to integrate deeply with Europe, was deliberately sabotaged by US government. According to Mr. Packard Americans have been undermining interests of its Western European allies for more than three decades. He is explaining that behind such immoral and illegal US activities was Washington intention to protect its long term economic interests in Europe. But obviously there was much more at stake, and that Americans were, along its economic interests, driven by the political and military (anti-Russian) agenda.

We have been witnessing recently that US…

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