Kristian Kahrs against falsifying history in Kosovo

Serbian FBReporter in English


Norwegian journalist and former NATO officer ended up on the mailing list of Sonja Biserko in the Helsinki Committee, and since she has an open address list with prominent friends like Doris Peck and John Clint Williamson, Kahrs decided to send them the following greeting:

Dear Sonja Biserko

Thank you for this update. I see that you have a lot of influential people on your email list, also from my home country Norway, with a keen interest in the Balkans. I have a special relationship with Kosovo because I served as the press officer for KFOR in 2000. I was working in the international HQ in Pristina, but soon had the unpleasant experience of having to confront my own naivety and misplaced belief that we from the West and NATO were needed to teach the Balkan “barbarians” something about democracy, freedom of speech and human rights.

I have come a…

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