The Catholic Roots of America’s Needless War with Russia

Serbian FBReporter in English

The premise of my book, Illuminati Unmasked, is not an easy one to swallow.

America has been infiltrated by emissaries of the anti-Christ, the Whore who wields the power of Mystery Babylon, since her inception.

They have repeatedly weakend, attacked and subverted what made America great—the brilliance of her Constitution and the moral, disciplined Protestant Work Ethic of her stout Middle Class—at every turn.

She has used assassination, psychological operations, murder, mayhem and disinformation.

She has co-opted every single foundation of power in America: every critical political position, the judiciary, the media, entertainment, the military, banking and (worst of all) America’s treasonous, out-of-control Intelligence apparatus.

As my book explains via 2,000 citations: the Carroll family gave America the lie of “religious tolerance” that has killed our culture and they instituted the epicenter of Papal control over Washington DC—Jesuit Georgetown University; the Surratt family were the Catholic assassins behind…

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