“THE HELL OF KOSHARE”- The day when “300 hundred Serbian Spartans” stood up against NATO

Serbian FBReporter in English

On Good Friday 1999. The “Hell of Koshare” begun…


That Friday (Orthodox “Good Friday”), on April 9th. 1999, the Battle of Mountain Koshare commenced.
Due to the fact, that Serbian (officially Yugoslav Army) forces were heavily outnumbered by the enemy, they suffered  the losses of 60 killed, and over 150 wounded soldiers… Among killed YA soldiers was the Russian volunteer Bulah Glebovich. The battle was remembered as “The Hell of Koshare”…

09.04.2014. By Димитрије Марковић за ФБ страницуРеци не ЕУ (Dimitrije Markovic for FB page “Say No to EU”)
FBR translation& comments- M. Novakovic

хероји са кошара Young Serbian soldiers posing outside border post “Koshare” (1999)

 The Koshare Battle raged between  April 9th to June 10th 1999. At that time Serbian forces, that were part of regular Yugoslavian army, faced at least three times stronger enemy, combined of NATO troops, regular Albanian army, and Kosovo Albanian terrorists, disguised as KLA…

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