When the murderer is returning to the crime scene: NATO-Serbia “IPAP agreement”

Serbian FBReporter in English

EDITOR COMMENT: Similarly to USA(NATO) “success’ in moving military resources closer to Russia, “via” Georgia and Moldavia, the same story is now repeating in the case of Serbia. The latest “pro-western” regime in Belgrade, personified in the “autocratic persona” of Prime minister Aleksandar Vucic, is moving even faster (and with much more dedication, than any other Eastern European pro-western “puppet regime”) toward NATO membership.
If we know that Serbian nation still carry many scars from the savage NATO bombardment in 1999, and that best majority of Serbian population are strongly opposed to such move; This unpopular government move is more difficult to understand. Many qualified domestic and foreign “political observers” consider such Serbian Prime minister’ behavior as a potential political suicide!?
The newest Serbia’ move toward NATO membership is demonstrated in “Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP)”, agreed between the two, in January 2015.
IPAP is the highest possible…

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