Jasenovac – Concentration camp

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Often overlooked when considering the concentration camp system, the large complex of camps known as Jasenovac was located on approximately 220 acres of land southeast of Zagreb, Croatia. Established following the newly created independent state of Croatia, the camps were erected on the banks of the Sava river. Of five hundred prewar village houses, 432 were demolished and over 400 occupants killed – including some 48 children, during the Ustaše genocide. The torture and execution methods used at Jasenovac are among the most disturbing throughout the history of the concentration camps of the Third Reich period.


CAMP I – “Brocica / Versajev”

Established summer 1941 beside Jasenovac-Novska road. Finished November 1941.

CAMP II – “Krapje”

Founded summer 1941 on edge of Gornja Krndija forest. Finished November 1941.

CAMP III – “Ciglana” (the brick factory)

The largest camp. Located 100km southeast of Zagreb. Established autumn 1941, destroyed April…

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