E.U. Officials to its citizens: Being butchered, ran over, or gunned down, became our new life’s norm- Just accept it…

Serbian FBReporter in English

E.U. officials prescribing a new doze of reality to its terrorized people: “Being ran over, or butchered by the cutlery, from now on is the integral part of your lives”…

Incapable to manage and lead responsibly their “European Gulag of mixed nationalities”, the Brussels’ bureaucrats and autocrats, infected by own self-destructive “multi-kulturism”, and politically-correct neutered, in response to the newest wave of Islamic terrorism (in which creation and import, they participated together with Uncle Sam from Washington), are informing its frantic population- who, at present time, before the eyes of the world auditorium, is being hit and ran over by the weaponized vehicles, mauled and finished off with various blunt and sharp instruments, that this things are now simply the fact of a life, a new norm of normality, a price for their “protected and luxurious living” on their “European multi-kulti farm”, and as such have to be accepted…


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