Did you know that Bondsteel the biggest US military base in Europe was built on the land of ethnically cleansed Serbs?

Zoran Vlaskovic: US military base Bondsteel, in village Sojevo by city of Urosevac in Kosovo, has been enlarged for 250 acres…

With the utmost disregard for the lawful protection of private property, which is otherwise observed around the world, and inside the US proper with the utmost regard- US government (occupying military force) inside the Serbian province Kosovo has usurped (read: stole) hundreds of acres, to build its infamous military base.


US military base Bondsteel in Kosovo, partially built on the land of ethnically cleansed Serbs…


The biggest US military base in Europe Bondsteel, located 3 miles from Urosevac on the road to Vitina, has been enlarged for 250 acres. Now the base is taking more than 1,240 acres of land, of which the biggest property belongs to now deserted Serbian village of Sojevo, whose entire population was ethnically cleansed (by Albanian separatists) in 1999.

As per municipal documentation, the land occupied by US army was mostly private, and owned by the local Serbs and Albanians- who are yet to be reimbursed financially for their, illegally usurped and occupied, land.


This military camp, inside which is located the KFOR (NATO “peacekeeping force”) command for East Sector, now is staffed with only 675 soldiers, mostly from the California’ National Guard reserve. Back in (and around) 2000, there was more than 6,000 US and NATO soldiers. At that time, Bondsteel was considered to be the biggest “US city” in Europe. There was employed and trained (some of them for the “terrorist insurgency”) around 2,500 Albanian “civilians”, majority of them from the nearby city of Urosevac.

A large number of heavy weaponry- choppers, tanks, artillery.., were relocated from the base in last couple years. The base has 9 heliports. For some reason in last 4 months the base was enlarged for 250 acres, as we previously mentioned- on the illegally occupied private land.


Some estimates put the construction cost for the base to more than 500 million dollars, including 240 buildings and other objects. Only for the military hospital, which was built in 2002, was spent 34 million dollars.

The camp contains: the tank, chopper and artillery bases, as well the advanced Radar facility.

This “biggest US city in Europe” has own sewage & plumbing infrastructure, local television, cinema theater, two churches, shopping mall, the sport facilities: for soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf; the library, indoor swimming pool, 19 watchtowers and other facilities. The camp itself has over 16 miles of built roads and streets.

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It is interesting detail- that the camp is protected with 3 layers of the tall razor wire fence reinforced with the concrete posts. Inside the base is located specially built military prison, with another triple layer of razor fence and the metal gates, with the specially reinforced metal bars protecting the windows.

From such high security prison, in 2001 after blowing the bus full of Serbian civilians near Podujevo- killing 14 and wounding dozens of innocent people, the Albanian terrorist Florim Ejupi had escaped mysteriously. This terrible terrorist act took place under the watch of occupying NATO force on February 16th, 2001. Needless to say that Albanian perpetrators of this atrocity (like in most & numerous other cases targeting Serbian minority) never were brought to justice.

In another case, infamous ISIS Albanian terrorist Lavdrim Mujaheri, from Kacanik in Kosovo- remembered for televised beheading of “war prisoners”, who was killed in Syria in 20017- previously was too employed in Bondsteel, where he most likely was trained, by US military in “insurgency”…

…Ironically, another Albanian ISIS terrorist was killed in Syria by his “Jihadi comrades”, once they found out he was too “employed” in US military camp Bondsteel- they accused him of being US spy. Simply, “The evil base Bondsteel” has a very bad reputation, not only inside European borders, but in the wider region as well.

By Zoran Vlaskovic

Translation by FBR editor M. Novakovic

Original text in Serbian language: https://facebookreporter.org/2018/04/18/zoran-vlaskovic-americka-vojna-baza-bondstil-u-sojevu-kod-urosevca-na-kim-prosirena-za-uzurpiranih-novih-100-hektara/




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