Will never forget NATO war crimes: On April 23rd 99 Belgrade TV station was bombed- 16 innocent lives taken (VIDEO)

The moment Belgrade TV station was hit by NATO “projectiles”- Warning very graphic and disturbing material (scenes where innocent TV employees are dying in agony). For this, clearly war crime, no NATO official was ever brought to justice. Today they continue to commit, with impunity, similar war crimes in Syria:

On April 23rd, 1999, during their (most savage post-WWII) three month bombing campaign against Yugoslavia (Serbia and Monte Negro), NATO leaders marked civilian TV station in Belgrade as “legitimate military target” declaring it: “Milosevic’ propaganda center”- intentionally disregarding the fact that in the building was rotating civilian crew 24 hours a day. They sent anyway their “smart bombers” leveling the building and murdering 16 civilians- media professionals and maintenance crew members:

Darko Stoimenovski (26), technician
Nebojsa Stojanovic (27), technician
Dragorad Dragojevic (27), security guard
Ksenija Bankovic (28), video mixer
Jelica Munitlak (28), make-up artist
Dejan Markovic (30), security guard
Aleksandar Deletic (31), cameraman
Dragan Tasic (31), technician
Slavisa Stevanovic (32), producer
Sinisa Medic (33), programme designer
Ivan Stukalo (34), foreign programming specialist
Milan Joksimovic (47), security officer
Branislav Jovanovic (50), programme operator
Slobodan Jontic (54), set director
Milovan Jankovic (59), mechanic
Tomislav Mitrovic (61), programme director.

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