HIDDEN WAR CRIMES: On April 27th 99 NATO bombed Surdulica killing 12 children, 8 adults & wounding 150 (VIDEO)

Time-Travel: On today’ date, 19 years ago, in Serbian city of Surdulica, NATO bombers murdered 20 civilians, including 12 children…

Source: Tanjug, Belgrade

On today date, 19 years ago in 1999, NATO Air Force had bombed the center of Serbian city of Surdulica, killing at least 20 civilians, including 12 children, wounding over 150 people, and leveling over 500 houses.

NATO spokeperson Jamie Shea attempted to downplay this war crime and deceive world public with the story about “one missile which went astray”, but he was confronted by the stories of Western journalists on the ground, including CNN crew, which reported that multiple missiles and bombs hit the center of the city.

CNN journalist reported: “There is no doubt, and I am convinced after visiting the scene, that city was hit by multiple bombs.”

Today is Friday, April 27th, 117th day of 2018. Until the end of the year there are 248 days left…

PIN (PoliticallyIncorrect.News) translation– Source: http://www.rtv.rs/sr_lat/drustvo/vremeplov/vremeplov-nato-avioni-u-surdulici-ubili-20-civila-ukljucujuci-12-dece_913325.html

 Ivana Mitic from Surdulica describes how her young 17 year old brother Miomir, and her entire family, were murdered during NATO Air Raid– In the house of grandpa Vojislav Milic (located in street of Drinska in Surdulica), the entire family was killed in an instant by the NATO bomb: brother Miomir (17), grandma Stamena, uncle Alexander, aunt Vesna and their children Miljana (15) and Vladimir (12)- all the members of Milic family…


Bombardment of city of Surdulica in 1999 took place during the illegal NATO war against Republic of Yugoslavia. During the bombing campaign, city Surdulica itself was bombed three times, while the city region was hit at least 10 times.

During these attacks, 50 innocent civilians were murdered, while 204 were wounded- many of them permanently disfigured and disabled. One quarter of the city (with 10,000 inhabitants) was completely destroyed or heavily damaged.

Proportionally to the number of residents, Surdulica had the highest number of civilian casualties during the 3 months of the relentless NATO bombing campaign against Serbia. Some MSM described NATO bombing of Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Monte Negro) in 1999, as the heaviest and the most savage post-WWII bombardment in Europe.

Chronology of attacks

April 21st…

NATO bombed the refugee camp in Surdulica- which accommodated Serbian refuges who were ethnically cleansed from Krajina region in Croatia during joint US/Croatian “military operation Storm” in 1995- killing 6 children, 4 adults and wounding 16 people.

April 27th…

Around noon, NATO Air Force has bombed the dense populated part of Surdulica, called Chubura Field, just couple blocks from the city center. During the attack, NATO bomber fired at least 10 missiles and bombs. Along with Chubura Field, the suburb Piskavica in Eastern part of city was also hit. During the bombardment 20 civilians were killed, including 12 children. Over 100 civilians were wounded, while around 500 houses were destroyed or heavily damaged. The Zmaj Jova street was completely destroyed, while at city square 15 houses were destroyed, some of them completely leveled to the ground. The residential housing area and the condo complex were hit the hardest. Only in one single building, on Zmaj Jova Street 15 civilians were murdered- including the entire six member family Milic, and their 9 neighbors.  During the bombing they tried to shelter themselves in the basement, but when NATO missile hit the building they were buried alive.

May 31st…

During the night, NATO Air Force has bombed the Medical center for the lung disease and Senior care center, which was housing the Serbian refuges from Croatia. During this attack 20 civilians were murdered and 88 were wounded.

International reaction

After the most atrocious attack on April 27th, 1999, which resulted in 20 killed innocent civilians, NATO spokesperson Jamie Shea said: “That was only one bomb that went astray”, but CNN reporter confronted this statement from the scene of attack: “There is no doubt, and I am convinced after visiting the scene, that city was hit by multiple bombs.”

In the light of this horrific NATO attack, the Italian magazine “Manifesto”, on April 29th, 1999 published the paper dedicated to Surdulica victims with the blank front page, protesting the NATO massacre in Surdulica. At the bottom of the front page was only one message: ” The murdered children cannot see”….

PIN translation, Source> https://sr.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%91%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B1%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0%D1%9A%D0%B5_%D0%A1%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B4%D1%83%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%86%D0%B5_1999.



AP comment:

Published on Jul 21, 2015
A day of mourning was to be held in the town of Surdulica on Thursday, following the NATO misfire that devastated the southern Serbian town. NATO has admitted that one of its laser-guided bombs went astray and slammed into a residential neighborhood of Surdulica. It says the precision-guided missile veered off course from its target – a Yugoslav army barracks – landing 200 to 300 meters (yards) away in the residential area. The attack reduced scores of buildings to rubble.
As demolition workers started the task of trying to clear the wreckage, those whose homes have been damaged were trying to salvage whatever they could.
“Thank God we all survived. My kids are okay at the moment, but the consequences will show later certainly.”- Dragan Spiridonov
For some the consequences were all too clear. They’d lost everything.
“When the last bomb fell onto our house we went out and the we saw smoke raising, everything was smashed. That hole is all that I earned in the past ten years.”-  Radica Ristic
After inspecting the scene, the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Dragan Tomic, declared his nation wanted peace.
“We, in this country, shall try to show that we have been for peaceful solution from the beginning and that we are for peace now. At the moment when the people are able to work, live normally, when they are not afraid of the bombs, then we shall commence the peace talks”- Dragan Tomic, Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia
Serb authorities have condemned the attack, which they say killed at least 20 people.
Assistant Foreign Minister Nebojsa Vujovic says the town was targeted deliberately.
“So this small town has been deliberately targeted and people deliberately killed as part of the campaign of intimidation. There are no cracks in unity of this nation.”- Nebojsa Vujovic, Assistant Foreign Minister
Some who’d sought refuge in the town were clearly surprised.
“I can’t believe it. I am student from Belgrade. I came here because it was supposed to be safe outside the big city. There is no military object here – nothing important.”
A day of mourning is due to be held in the town on Thursday.


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