Timeline: On April 29, 99- Serbian girl Jasna Tasic was savagely tortured and killed by KLA in Kosovo, she was only 15

On April 29th, 1999, armed Albanian separatists in Kosovo had intercepted young Serbian girl Jasna Tasic, on her way to home in Prizren’ suburb, and kidnapped her.

Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) “soldiers”, under the command of (current Kosovo PM) Ramush Haradinaj, had brought the young girl to the house of Albanian Nazif Elsani, which was used by KLA as a prison and torture house for their Serbian neighbors.

Young Serbian girl Jasna was then subjected to the unimaginable psychological and physical terror, and torture for days, by the Albanian KLA terrorists, at that time branded by the West as “freedom fighters”.

After being sadistically tortured Jasna was mercilessly murdered by her captors, and her tiny body left as “a road kill”.

It has been 19 years since her brutal murder & the perpetrators of this crime were never brought to the justice, and the most responsible person for the murder of little Jasna (then KLA supreme commander) Ramush Haradinaj was  instead promoted into the “Prime Minister” of NATO’ sponsored puppet state “Kosovo”.

It is needles to say that Haradinaj, as “an invaluable terrorist asset”, was not only protected by the NATO powers all the time, he was furthermore, with their overt and covert support, freed from ICTY (Hague) tribunal and brought into the political power, of this Western puppet state.

Ironically, today Kosovo is officially under the EULEX rule- while EULEX stands for “European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo”. What kind of “Law Mission” EU provides for the few remaining Kosovo’ Serbs (most of them were either killed or ethnically cleansed from Kosovo in the last two decades, while NATO occupier just stood by) reflects in the fact:

That since Kosovo was occupied by NATO (and later EULEX) in 1999, over 95% of horrific crimes against Serbs, including kidnapping, torturing, butchering for human organs and murdering, were never resolved, and its perpetrators were never publicly identified…


…Jasna was only 15 years old… 




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