TIMELINE: On April 30th 99, NATO war planes targeted passenger bus in Luzane, Kosovo- murdering 60 people (VIDEO)


On today date, 19 years ago (in 1999) Serbian passenger bus, operated by “Nis-Express”, was hit with multiple missiles fired from the NATO bombers, while crossing the bridge in Luzane, Kosovo, 18 km north of Pristina.

The bus was cut in a half and completely incinerated by fire- None of 60 civilian passengers, including 15 children, had survived this attack.

The bridge itself wasn’t destroyed, while the attack (war crime) took place around noon, during the clear weather and unobstructed visibility, which indicates that NATO pilots were aware of the passenger bus and consciously opted to destroy it together with the bridge.

Furthermore, after committing this horrific war crime, NATO bombers returned 50 minutes later and targeted the visibly marked ambulance that had arrived on the site- gravelly wounding the attending physician.

Source: RTV – Translated by PIN

Today is Tuesday, May 1st, 121st day of 2018. Until the end of the year 244 days have left.


The Lužane bus bombing occurred on May 1, 1999 during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, when NATO missiles targeting a bridge in Kosovo hit a bus. The bus was hit on the Lužane north of Pristina. On that day, 46 civilians of Serb and Albanian ethnicity were killed.[1][2][3][4] Among the victims were 14 children. One section plunged off the bridge into the river below.[5]Amnesty International believes that NATO did not always meet its legal obligation in selection targets of attack, one of which includes bombing of this bridge in Lužane, where NATO forces failed to suspend the attack after it was evident that they had struck the civilians.[6] The bus (Niš-Ekspres) was on a regular express service, linking Pristina and Niš.




Serbian civil defence workers began the clear-up of bodies from Saturday’s NATO missile attack on a civilian bus crossing a bridge north of the Kosovo capital, Pristina.

Yugoslav authorities said 47 were killed in the blast and 16 injured. Independent journalists who arrived on the scene shortly after saw at least 15 bodies scattered below the bridge.

Most of the bodies recovered from the site were burned beyond recognition and horribly mangled from the blast.

The “Nis Express” was split apart by the force of the blast as it crossed the bridge. NATO admitted that one of its missiles had accidentally hit the bus in central Kosovo around midday on Saturday.

Source: APTN

Date: 02/05/1999 04:00 AM

AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you…

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