How Frankfurter Rundschau exposed another US/NATO lie: NATO used doctored video to justify bombing of passenger train

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This has passed almost unnoticed and suppressed by global media: January  2000 German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau  exposing the lies of NATO commander in Europe, General Wesley Clark after the bombing of a passenger train on the bridge across the South Morava in Grdelica Gorge in April 1999, when at least 15 civilians have been killed.

download.jpg War criminals together

In the Frankfurter Rundschau reporter Arnd Festerling documented how NATO used ‘edited’ video recordings to justify its conduct of the war against Serbia.

At least 15 people died on April 12, 1999 when a US Airforce bomber fired on a railway bridge near the Serbian village of Grdenicka just as a passenger train was crossing the bridge. Following the initial strike of the train, the pilot returned to make a second sweep of the burning bridge and dropped a bomb on a carriage that had not been hit by the first assault.

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