May 1 – the Croatian bloody Operation “Flash”

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1.May 2013.  marks 18th anniversary of the beginning of the Croatian military operation “Flash”, in which, according to the data of the Documentary-informative center “Veritas”,  283 Serbs from western Slavonia were killedand at least 15,000 people were expelled.

02-HRVATI.jpgSerbs were murdered or forced to leave their historic territories and property. Still, some  nation calls such  crime and robbery ”liberation war”

Among the murdered Serbs, there were 57 women and 9 children. According to the data of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, between 83 and 100 Serbian civilians were massacred, and both NGOs point out that none of the Croats was trialed for the war crimes in so-called operation “Flash”.

According to the data from “Human Rights Watch”, after the “Flash” 1,500 Serbs were arrested, and many of them were taken to detention camps in Varazdin, Slavonska Pozega, Nova Gradiska and Bjelovar.

Due to the anniversary of…

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