WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: 19 years ago NATO bombed with cluster bombs Serbian city of Nis murdering 16 people & wounding 70

On today date 19 years ago NATO cluster bombs killed 16 civilians and wounded 70 in Serbian city of Nis

07.May 2018. | 02:15 | RTV Novi Sad – Source: Tanjug

On today date in year 1999, as a result of NATO illegal use of the cluster bombs (which are forbidden under Geneva convention even against military targets) against exclusive civilian areas in Serbian city of Nis, 16 civilians were murdered and 70 mutilated, or “just wounded”. 

NATO bombers, in the middle of the day and in clear weather, hit multiple times Nis’ downtown area using this “weapons of mass destruction”, including residential areas, city market place- located just a block away from the main city hospital.

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 Today is Monday, May 7th, 128th day of 2018, Until the end of the year there are 238 days left…

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