NEVER FORGET: Sanatorium bombed by NATO in Surdulica- Helpless, Elderly, Sick, Women and Children intentionally targeted in 99

EDITORIAL: The illegal and criminal NATO war (bombing) of Yugoslavia lasted for almost three months, from March 24th to June 10th 1999. By the estimates (in the aftermath of this illegal NATO war) from some leading European media this bombing was the heaviest and the most savage bombardment in post-WWII Europe.

…As many (illegal) US and NATO wars, before and after, this one was waged too on the false pretext and the fabricated evidence accompanied by the strong “Goebbels type” media propaganda, in order to achieve the global Western dominance in this and other “non-obedient” parts of the world.

Traditional Russian ally and independent & freedom loving Serbian nation was from their prospective “the natural target” for the NATO future goals (in preparation for their final showdown with Russia)- who disregarded and discarded the fact that in both World Wars, Serbia was practically the only Western ally in the Balkans, while most of newly formed Balkan’ nations (from the disintegrated Yugoslavia), namely Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians were the stubborn NAZI allies in WWII. During the NATO instigated (and supported) civil wars in former Yugoslavia, in 90ies, they became again the stubborn allies- this time with NATO.

If you read thoroughly the following article (and the others from the same “column”) you will notice the escalation in the brutal NATO attacks (toward the end of their “campaign”) against the civilian targets in Serbia, as the time was running out and the fragile NATO coalition was close to falling apart, and the illegal & relentless war against Yugoslavia entered the third month.

Simply, many NATO members did not have stomach for the intentional killing of Serbian civilians and intentional targeting of the entire civilian infrastructure of the country, especially for the military targeting of: Hospitals, Schools, Oil and Chemical plants… (which amounts to use of WMD) in the heavy populated areas- with the clear intent to break the will of Serbian people and turn them against their leadership. In reality they created the opposite effect- Serbian people galvanized around their leaders and united against NATO aggressor.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs the NATO commanders and their political leaders, entering the last couple weeks of bombing campaign, were growing desperate, as one NATO general put this way: “Simply we started running out of the targets”.

In same time “they did not have balls” to commit the ground troops for the land invasion- so they opted for the Pentagon’ recipe of “Civilian harassment strategy”, which then resulted in the widespread civilian causalities and mass destruction of the Serbian civilian infrastructure.

What is the scariest part, we now learn the NATO planners were ready to commit even more despicable crimes against Serbian population, and resort to the carpet bombing of entire country, which would surely resulted in the hundreds thousands of civilian casualties.

But, the sad reality is that “despicable crimes” against Yugoslavian nation were already committed through the NATO illegal use of their “undeclared WMD”- Namely: Depleted Uranium Ammunition (DUA). During the bombing of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Monte Negro) NATO dropped over ten tones of the depleted uranium projectiles, causing the permanent radioactive contamination of the land, water, and air.

Many military experts brand the illegal use of DUA as “Low Level Nuclear Warfare”- which in case of Yugoslavia during the last two decades is taking the deadly toll on civilian population and causing the widespread diseases and deformities in newborns. Since the NATO bombing in 1999, cancer rate in Serbia is (at least) tripled.

The world wouldn’t know much about this criminal use of “WMD” by NATO if there wasn’t for the recent legal proceeding against Italian government- Italian NATO soldiers who served in Kosovo immediately after the bombing were unknowingly exposed (without any protection) to the radioactive DUA sites (bombed by NATO in 99), which then resulted in their multiple deaths and widespread cancer disease among the returning soldiers, in Italy. Recently they won their case before Italian court, and the survivors were rewarded the substantial money and other compensations.

Now is turn for the Serbian government to take to the international an national courts the criminal NATO organization- at least for the undeclared “Low level nuclear warfare” (DUA widespread use). Will they have guts for such legal action, the time will tell. There are strong indications, that the climate for such action is formed in Belgrade. But only the time will tell.

Until then, for us independent and “non-profit media workers” it is very important to put this story, and many other similar “politically incorrect” stories, on the record. And let the history to be the final judge…

PIN editor M. Novakovic 


Even the helpless were the target of NATO war criminals- The sanatorium and refugee shelter was bombed in Serbian city of Surdulica…

By Vostok: 31.05.2017

The old news for the ones with a short memory- All events described in this article took place on: 31st May of 1999.

SURDULICA- Agressor’s NATO Air Force have bombed the medical sanatorium in Surdulica, on Monday around midnight. Two projectiles have hit the elderly care facility inside and medical wing inside Sanatorium- The medical facility was at that time crowded by Serbian refugees, who were recently expelled from Kosovo by the terrorist KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) and their NATO sponsor. The first estimates put the number of murdered civilians at twenty– the Serbian Ministry for protection of social, worker’s and veteran’s rights stated…

There are fears that the number of killed people (and buried under the rubles) is much greater, because at the time of this savage attack the refugee shelter inside Sanatorium was housing at least 50 people.

Serbian Ministry warned the international community that the criminal responsibility for this NATO illegal acts is obvious, if we take to account that international conventions provide the special protection for the helpless elderly & sick civilians.

BELGRADE- NATO air force early in the morning had conducted half an hour bombing raid over downtown core and outskirts of Serbian capitol Belgrade, hitting the city with multiple air projectiles.

During the bombing of Ripanj suburb around 04:15 hours woman Slavica Stojiljkovic was killed while her son Ljubomir was gravely wounded. During the NATO attack three civilian homes were raised to the ground.

NATO air force, around 04:07, in Volga Street- the heavy populated civilian area in Belgrade municipality Zvezdara, had hit with four projectiles one building. The multiple explosions and bomb’ & rocket’ fragments have damaged many civilian objects between the Volga Street and the Revolution Boulevard. The ambulance services transported at least eight civilians, who were wounded during the bombing, to Zvezdara Hospital.

The transformer unit inside the civilian electrical power plant “Nikola Tesla” in city of Obrenovac was hit by NATO air raid around 03:45 hours with 4 projectiles, while the military barracks within the city were hit with 3 projectiles.

NATO air force had fired, between 03:50 and 03:57, at Makish Field, while multiple detonations were heard, 03:48 and 04:08, from the dual civilian/military airport Batajnica- both at the Belgrade’ outskirts.

Between 03:50 and 04:00 multiple NATO projectiles hit Miljakovac Park, within the city of Belgrade.

In the repeated attacks on Metro Belgrade, which lasted on Monday between 08:50 and 09:15, NATO air force had fired two projectiles targeting and destroying the electrical power lines (clearly civilian infrastructure) in Boljevac Forest near Belgrade’ suburb of Obrenovac. Four NATO projectiles had hit the civilian Radio tower in the village Zvecka by Obrenovac, while the civilian road between the villages Ripanj and Ivanovic (at the foot of Avala mountain- south of Belgrade) was destroyed by four NATO projectiles.

LESKOVAC- On Monday around 12:46 NATO bombers fired two projectiles at the village Medje, hitting the field and creating two huge craters on the ground. Between 13:00 and 13:07 NATO airplanes had stormed the Leskovac’ Western suburban Donji Sijekovac, firing 6 projectiles. At this time there were no reports of casualties and material damage.

PRISTINA- NATO air force had bombed the Serbian Orthodox Christian cemetery, located 1 km from the Pristina downtown core, heavily damaging over 100 graves and the Church.

One of the very powerful projectiles had hit the cemetery center mutilating and dispersing the body parts of multiple dead people.


VRANJE- On Monday, between 08:02 and 08:41 NATO bombers were targeting the city Vranje suburbs, firing eight projectiles.

One projectile hit, the previously damaged, civilian Radio&TV tower at the top of mountain Plackovica outside Vranje- While seven NATO rockets and bombs were fired on the village Neradovac.

NOVI SAD- NATO air force had targeted, already third time in a row, the regional Vojvodina’ power plants and electrical infrastructure (civilian targets), at historical Roman Forts nearby the provincial capitol Novi Sad.

The attacks commenced on Monday around 03:50, when from that direction were heard two powerful explosions. In same time the parts of Novi Sad lost the electrical power- the attacks were repeated around 04:15, followed by two more very powerful explosions.

On Monday, around 04:00 NATO aggressor had bombed the civilian Oil Refinery located at Pancevo Road, destroying it and (intentionally) creating the huge ecological and health disaster (which in the opinion of the translator amounts to the use of WMD against civilian targets).


KRUSEVAC- The investigating judge of District Court, in Krusevac, Janko Milenkovic has confirmed on Monday that during NATO air raid on civilian bridge in downtown core of city of Varvarin 9 innocent civilians were murdered, while 6 were still missing- 17 people were gravely wounded and 21 suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The innocent Serbian civilians murdered by NATO air force during this bestial attack are: Ruzica Simonovic (60) and Sanja Milenkovic (17) from village Donji Katun; Vojkan Stankovic (31), Milivoje Ciric (66), Tova Apostolovic (74) and Milan Savic (24) from the city of Varvarin; and the residents of the village Varvarin: Zoran Markovic (33) and Stojan Ristic (56); the Paracin’ resident Dragoslav Terzic (68) was as well murdered by this savage and criminal NATO attack.

Milenkovic reconfirmed that 6 people who were last time seen nearby Varvarin’ bridge, which was bombed at least twice on Monday around noon, during the busy market hours in downtown core, were missing and presumed dead

Note: The archives from “Public Voice” were used in this article.

Original article in Serbian language:—bombardovan-sanatorijum-u-Surdulici

Translated by Editor…

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