If Tesla was born 70 years later he almost certainly would be murdered in Nazi death camp

If Tesla was born 70 years later, he almost certainly would be murdered in Croatian WWII death camp- Only, because he was Serb!

Croats are obsessed with “national purity”, that’s why they should be proud of Nikola Tesla- He is one of “the purest Serbs” to ever walking the Earth…

It doesn’t pass a day- that I don’t bump into some social media, internet blog, news agency or official political statement- which is misrepresenting the facts about one of the greatest world scientists: Nikola Tesla.

The most common, and the most cynical, misrepresentation is that Tesla is Croatian scientist. To be precise, that Tesla himself was Croat. Such misrepresentation couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nikola Tesla[1] was born on July 10th, 1856 in Serbian village Smiljan, near town of Gospic, in Serbian autonomous region Krajina (Military Frontier) within Austrian (later +Hungarian) Empire. What we call…

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