Migrants- “Muslim men of military age” have been stockpiling “military hardware”, according to Bosnian police

On September 23rd 2018, Bosnian police in Sarajevo (the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina) executed tactical operations targeting migrants from Syria and Algeria. The police operation was conducted in the two Sarajevo’ municipalities: “Center” and “Stari Grad”.

During the raid police seized handguns, automatic rifle, silencer and large quantities of ammunition. Initially one Syrian and one Algerian national were arrested. According to Bosnian police, the tactical operation and criminal investigation are still in active stage.

The seized weapons were hidden in the flats, buried under the ground, and some were discarded by the culprits during the arrest.  This “police operation” was conducted with the support of Bosnian anti-terrorist and intelligence services (SIPA & OSA). Bosnian Security minister Dragan Mektic underlined that this operation was also conducted in cooperation with “some foreign agencies”, and the investigation was extended to some Bosnian nationals.

Some Croatian media are reporting that “armed bands of migrants” are terrorizing the citizens along Bosnian/Croatian border (in Bihac area), by stealing their property, and breaking into the private residences and local businesses…

…So far Bosnian government refused to comment on speculation that these “militarized migrants”, on the top of their “criminal agenda”, were possibly having some other, “more sinister plans”…

M.N. – PoliticallyIncorrect.News







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