AMERICAN EXPERT: The CIA deliberately breaches the Serbs in Srebrenica!



This analyst, in an interview with Vecernji Novosti, commented on the latest discovery of the paper about the role of US intelligence officials in concealing reports of breaches of Serbs in Podrinje, said that the Saudi authorities had a major impact on the state apparatus in Washington. The fact that the CIA in the 1990s conceals the truth about events in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Spenser says it is possible for the United States to change its policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, but “only if it is a turning point in relations between America and Saudi Arabia. ” He estimated that former US President Bill Clinton “made a disastrous decision to work with Muslims during the civil war in the Balkans”.


“This decision made it possible to establish a jihadist fortress that is all under democratic coverage and the right to self-determination. It is not difficult to conclude that President Clinton was influenced by Saudi Arabia when he made this decision, Spenser said.

photo: AP

Bill Clinton made it possible to establish a jihadist capital in Europe

The American analysts responded to the question “would Bosnia and Herzegovina be able to survive as a democratic and multinational state despite the increasing influence of some Middle East countries, “concludes briefly:” No “.

“Sharia is incompatible with democracy, and in the end, Bosnia has to decide for one or the other,” said Spencer.




  • About 3288 Serbs, woman, children, eldery people and prisoners of war, where killed in and around Srebrenica between spring 1992 and summer 1995 by the muslim killers from Srebrenica.


  • Spenser is wrong and misleading.

    First of all, the Vecernji Novosti article to which Spenser refers was based on a quote from me.

    It quotes me saying that the Yugoslav UN report on murders of Serbian civilians around Jasenovac was suppressed for two years (from 1993 to 1995) so that the media could not report the truth.

    This was a complete misunderstanding, based on an unfortunate mistranslation of what I had told Vecernji Novosti.

    I did not say the Yugoslav UN report on massacres of Serbians around Srebrenica was suppressed. I said that while the UN did suppress much information, this particular UN report was NOT suppressed — it was properly numbered and made easily available at the appropriate UN office.

    My point — which by the way was not mine, it was Petar Makara’s, as stated in an article on our website, Emperor”s Clothes, which I was quoting — my (that is, Petar’s!) point was precisely that the fact that the report was made so easily available showed the extent to which the Western media was unwilling to report news that contradicted the demonization of the Serbians. There was simply no need to suppress the report. The media was not going to touch it if it hit them on the head.

    Second of all, regarding the US government stance on Bosnia, it is preposterous to claim this was the result of Saudi Arabian influence. The Saudis have money, to be sure, but they do NOT have the organizational strength to have such an extensive impact.

    The force that does have such vast influence and long-established organization is the Vatican. Moreover, unlike the Saudis, who have no interest one way or the other regarding the Serbian people, for the Vatican the Serbians are a prime opponent. Hence the Vatican promotion of the fascist Croatian state in 1941, and of neo-fascist Croatia 50 years later.

    It is my considered conclusion that the US government position — which demonstrably changed several times from 1991 to 1995, e.g., Secretary of State Warren Christopher resisted the faction (Albright, Shattuck, Galbraith etc) who wanted to condemn the Serbians for supposed genocide in Srebrenica. Resisted, that is, until the Vatican brought fierce pressure to bear — it is my view that the US government was made the tool of anti-Serbian attack by intensive Vatican effort. Not Saudi effort. Vatican effort.

    Third, contrary to Spenser, the key Islamist force operating in Bosnia was and is not the Saudis, but the Iranians. But Spenser does not mention them. Why not? Because Spenser is himself tied to the Vatican. In the intense conflict between the Saudis and the Iranians, the Vatican is 100% on the side of the Iranians, for whom the Vatican serves as the primary outside advisor, and therefore Spenser uses this opportunity of a mistaken news item to make a gratuitous and highly exaggerated attack on Saudi Arabia, which, in opposing Iran, is finally doing something good..In this way he diverts attention from the real culprit: the Vatican.

    Petar Makara’s comments on the not-suppressed (!) Yugoslav UN document can be read here:

    The article also includes links to the actual UN document. They can be accessed here :

    If you wish to read Petar’s comments in Serbian, please go here:

    The UN documents are at present available only in English at


    • Since you bring up Petar Makara, do you know or can you contact him and ask why he longer has his very informative website Srpska Mreza?
      It is a loss to Serbs and truth seekers that it’s not around anymore.


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