“During the 1990s, the Croatian president Franjo Tudjman did several very problematic statements on the NDH, thus allowing a rehabilitation of the regime. Already in his speech in 1990 he said, “that the NDH was not simply a ‘collaborationist’ formation and a ‘fascist crime’ but also an expression of the political aspirations of the Croatian people for its independent state” and of the desire to realize the Croatian state under the Axis powers.In 1989 he wrote a book called “Wastelands of Historical Reality.” In the book Tudjman denies the Holocaust.Once Tudjman took power, holocaust memorials were torn down. Monuments on the site of the former concentration camp in Jadovno, and on other sites of mass Ustasha crimes were taken down.More than 3,000 monuments dedicated to anti-fascism and to the memory of crimes committed by the Nazis and fascists were destroyed during the 1990s…“

The Balkans Chronicles

a5c509e86d5e66ca6b4da846c957fdfa_XLDuring World War ii, Croatia was ruled by the Ustashi, an axis-aligned regime that was every bit as bad as the Nazis. Almost one in four of its Serbs were killed, and another quarter exiled or forcibly converted to Catholicism… “This land can only be Croat land and there is no method we would hesitate to apply in order to make it truly Croat and to cleanse it of all Serbs,” were the words of Minister of Justice Milovan Zanic as reported by Novi List, Zagreb 3 June 1941. To achieve that goal, the concentration camps – 22 of them – were set up across the land of Croatia, with the camp system of Jasenovac as the main killing centre…

The prisoners and all those who ended up in Jasenovac(also known as the “Auschwitz of the Balkans”) had their throats cut by the Ustaša with specially designed knives, or they…

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