In the Name of Political Correctness- Hiding the facts about the motives and origin of “Canadian Kingston Terrorists”

EDITOR’ COMMENT: The newest media reporting about the terrorist plot against the “Western Democracy” inspired by the “Islamic Extremism” is coming from the Canadian town of Kingston, following the yesterday’ arrest of “two individuals”. If you watched the Kingston media conference, organized by the Canadian security agencies, you would be amazed with the ability of the Police media liaison persons to talk for couple of hours on the above subject, and basically to say “nothing”. The only thing we learned from this televised conference (via CBC TV broadcaster) was that the not-named suspects caught with the bomb making material “were not a threat to the public”. Many blame the lenient and “painfully politically correct” Trudeau’ government for such hypocrisy:

“CANADA – Justin Trudeau has knowledge of the issue regarding ISIS terrorists in Canada, “only do not ask him to do something about this.” said Chris Wick.

The controlling Liberals entered their reaction to a near-unanimous vote successfully pass inside the House of Commons which called upon the federal government to deliver returning ISIS warriors to justice.

Brought ahead through the Conservatives, the proposal was actually successfully passed 280-1 with just Green Party Elizabeth May blacklisting it.

The move demanded the governing administration to, “… immediately bring to justice anybody that has fought as an ISIS terrorist or even participated in any type of terrorist action, consisting of those individuals who reside in Canada or perhaps have Canadian citizenship.”

The Liberals supported this the minute it came time to get the ballot, however, fell short whenever it came to deliver a strategy so as to get this accomplished.

“Their six-page feedback remitted within the House of Commons Tuesday was simply nothing more than fluff”, said, onlookers.“  (Source> Middle East Headlines, full article @ )


However the local and more independent Canadian media (including “the filtered internet forums“) were not so politically correct, providing information that suspects are Syrian refugees and the terror plot indeed was pointing at the Islamic Extremism, as a primary motive –

NATIONAL POST: “Police from Kingston and then RCMP collect evidence at a home on MacDonnell Street in Kingston after revealing a terror plot was being organized from the home and another home in Kingston on Friday January 25, 2019.Elliot Ferguson/Kingston Whig-Standard/Postmedia Network…

KINGSTON, Ont. — The RCMP say they have charged a Kingston youth with terrorism, alleging he tried to get someone to plant a bomb.
He’s charged with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity and with counseling someone to use an explosive or other lethal device to cause death or serious bodily injury.
The police say no actual device was ever planted. They have also arrested an adult man but have not charged him with anything at this point. Amin Alzahabi, the father of Hussam Eddin Alzahabi, 20, said Thursday his son had been arrested but not charged. He was unsure what was happening. “I want to know where he is,” Amin Alzahabi said at his Kingston home. The family came to Canada about two years ago after fleeing war-torn Damascus for Kuwait. Their home in Syria has been destroyed. The father was once imprisoned for not joining the ruling political party and would be vulnerable to arrest and severe retaliation should he and the family return home, according to one of the churches that sponsored the refugee family…“
GLOBAL NEWS:“RCMP have charged one youth with terrorism-related offences Friday morning in relation to raids at two Kingston, Ont., residences. A second adult male was arrested, but charges have not been laid. Officials said the “Youth Criminal Justice Act prevents any further release of information regarding this individual.” The charges include “knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity,” and “Counseling a person to deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive or other lethal device” in a public place…

Officials say a bomb was never placed. A shop owner near one of the residences in the raids told Global News they saw police detonate something in a nearby parking lot early Friday morning. Officials confirmed they detonated and neutralized a “substance.” “It was a substantiated and credible attack plot” but no target, date, or location was part of the plot, officials said. RCMP Chief Supt. Michael LeSage said the investigation started in Dec. 2018 after receiving information (from FBI) in regards to a criminal threat…

Asked about motive, Lambertucci said he wasn’t able to comment on specific ideology. “What I can say is the attack plan, the individual identified and expressed capacity and capability and intent, but to specific ideologies, I can’t comment on that,” he said.  One of the houses belonged to a refugee family that fled to Canada from Syria. The family, whose adult son was arrested but not charged, was sponsored by four churches, including Our Lady of Lourdes church. RCMP confirmed the man was friends with the youth who was charged.

READ MORE: 2 arrested in Kingston raids related to major national security probe

According to documents from the church, the family was sponsored by the congregation to come to Canada in 2016. The church helped the family, which was originally from Damascus, Syria, travel to Kingston from Kuwait. Bronek Korcynski oversaw the church’s sponsorship of the family, which lasted a year. He said the son of the family was arrested in the raid. “I was intimately involved with the sponsorship as co-chair of the group so I know the family very well,” Korcynski said. “This has come as a total shock.” Documents from St Thomas Church, which was part of the group sponsoring the family, said the father had once been imprisoned for not joining Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s political party. It also said their home in Damascus was destroyed, and the family would be “vulnerable to arrest and ‘extreme measures’” if they returned to Syria…“ (full article @ )




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