Israeli Historian: British were the first to establish concentration camps…

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Did the history of concentration camps start with Action T4, or with something else?

 Not at all. First concentration camp on the eve of WWII was established in March 1933. It was Dachau. This was the beginning. Actually, there was something prior to this and those camps were called The wild ones, because they were improvised, small and not organized. T4 belongs to different field of so called medical experiments and crimes. It is a part of the world of concentration camps, but it was different. But the establishment of concentration camps does not belong to Germans. British were the first to establish camps…

“1MinuteDoc Published on Mar 6, 2017 – We are all familiar with horrific images of the Nazi concentration Camps of the second world war. However the Nazi’s were not the first to use these horrific camps. The name concentration camp originated from ‘Reconcentrados’ set up…

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