BOSNIAN AUSCHWITZ- `Genocide` the West doesn’t want you to know about: They were burning Serbs alive!!!

Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Ironworks furnaces– ‘‘ Significant Number of Serbian inmates, who were held in the Penitentiary Zenica by Bosnian Muslim forces, were burned in blast furnaces  of Zenica Ironworks,” – Mirsad Kebo, Vice President of the B/H Federation 

Bosnia: Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Ironworks furnaces

Sarajevo – “ A significant number of Serbian inmates, who were held in Zenica Penitentiary by Bosnian Muslim forces, were burned in furnaces of Zenica Ironworks,” states the report of the Mission of the Conference for Security and Cooperation of Europe (CSCE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  September 1992.

The documents proving monstrous crimes against Serbs was handed over to Prosecutor’s office by FBiH Vice President Mirsad Kebo along with thousands of other evidence of monstrous crimes committed against Serbian population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The five  – pavilion camp for Serbs in Zenica existed from 1992, until the end of the war. The report of the CSCE, among other things, states that at the time of the Mission there were about 2000 imprisoned Serbs.

The main task of the European mission was to observe the situation in terms of human rights in prisons, concentration camps and detention centres throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mission of the CSCE states that they were not able to visit all the camps but only some of them, and after what they saw ‘they believe that the camp authorities have bad treatment of prisoners.’


– We witnessed beating, we saw the wounds, fractures and other injuries of prisoners. We believe that many of them were brutally murdered. The prisoners we spoke to were scared and often refused to give us a detailed description of the crimes, but many still gave signals of what they’we been subject to – the report says.

The report was submitted to the headquarters of the CSCE in Prague. The Mission was led by Englishman John Thomson and his assistants were US Ambassador Kenneth Blackwell and a group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of law, medicine and politics.

In 2015, the report was a part of evidence related to war crimes against Serbs submitted by Mirsad Kebo,  Vice President of the Federation and it’s believed it will result in expand of the list of those responsible for the atrocities against Serbs in Bosnia.

kebo mirsad

‘ Significant Number of Serbian inmates, who were held in the Penitentiary Zenica by Bosnian Muslim forces, were burned in blast furnaces  of Zenica Ironworks,” – Mirsad Kebo

Kebo explained that last Saturday night one of his associates was given new evidence of crimes against Serbs.

In 1992, Raspotocje, Drivusha, Mutnica, Perin Han, Mommy, and other villages and hamlets located on the right bank of the river Bosnia in Zenica municipality, inhabited by Serbian population, were subject to frontal attack. From 5-6. June 1992, several thousand members of  Muslim armed forces carried out the attack.

Majority of these soldiers were recruited from the Zenica area. The attack against Serbian villages was planned and led by Muslim-Croatian headquarters of the ‘Territorial Defence of Zenica’.  During the aggression more Serbs were killed and wounded, meanwhile, more than 500 were taken to the Zenica camp;, where they were subjected to daily harassment, beatings, abuse, rape, material and moral blackmail and murder”.

Some of Serbian victims-

1. Radovan (Milan) Babic, born 1962.
2. Stana (Luka) Zorota-Lukic, 1942.
3. Rado Bajic
4. Petko Milic, 1957.
5. Obren Milovic, 1955.
6. Bogdan (Mladjen) Karaca, 1943.
7. Slavko (Pero) Lekic, 1961.
8. Tihomir (Mile) Djukic, 1959.
9. Tomislav (Mihailo) Djukic, 1934.
10. Milorad (Prokopije) Zekanovic, 1946.
11. Risto Hrvac
12. Ana Misura, 1952.


Known members of the ‘Territorial Defence of Zenica’ responsible for the murder of the above-listed persons:

1. Sisic Siradj, from Zenica BiH army commander

2. Kelestura, name unknown,  from Gornja Vraca, former Yugoslav army officer, commander of Muslim forces from the left bank of the river Bosna.

3. Beslo Mujcin, Zenica military police commander

4. Boncina Branko, Slovenian mercenary Bosnian Muslim territorial defence commander.

5. Strika Mirsad, Judge of the Zenica military court

6. Huseinspahic  Dzemal, from Gnjusi,  Zenica.

7. Huseinspahic Kemal, from Gnjusi, Zenica.

8. Huseinspahic Mehmed, Gnjusi Zenica.

All Serbian mobile property was plundered, taken away,  destroyed and burned. Serbian Orthodox church was damaged, and some graves in the Orthodox cemetery mined.




Documentation Data collection Committee documentation,  info no: 283 / 94-9, 293 / 95-28. SOURCE: Milivoje Ivanisevic

Bosniak Politician Evades Censure in War Crimes Row

January 15, 2015

The Bosnian parliament rejected a proposal to remove Sefik Dzaferovic, the new president of the House of Representatives, over allegations by a former ally that he failed to disclose war crimes.

This article is also available in: Shqip Македонски Bos/Hrv/Srp

Sefik Dzaferovic. Photo: Bosnian parliament.

The proposal to remove Dzaferovic from his position over claims that he did not report war crimes by Bosniak forces against Serbs while he was a police commander in Zenica during the 1992-95 conflict was blocked on Thursday.

The leading Bosnian Serb party, the Union of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD, put forward the proposal for Dzaferovic’s sacking, but it failed to get on the agenda for the parliamentary session because only one other party voted in favour.

But Stasa Kosarac, an SNSD delegate, said that his party would continue to ask for Dzaferovic’s removal because the allegations against him were “well-founded”.

“Dzaferovic is supposed to represent the House of Representatives, but he cannot do so with this wartime baggage, in which he is suspected of hiding evidence and refusing to prosecute war crimes against Serbs,” said Kosarac.

The controversy started when outgoing deputy Federation president Mirsad Kebo, a former member of Dzaferovic’s Party of Democratic Action, SDA, said this week that he had sent allegedly incriminating army and police documents to the state prosecution office with a criminal complaint about wartime crimes against Serb civilians in Vozuca, near Zavidovici.

Kebo claimed that the documents mention the names of Dzaferovic and other people who “knew about war crimes and did not report them, which they had an obligation to do”.

Dzaferovic said that the allegations were “filthy lies and monstrous constructions”.

“I reject all of it. If any case is started against me, I will step aside, no one will have to vote on my removal,” he told journalists.

The SDA party also issued a statement saying that Kebo’s claims and documents were false.

Kebo said on Wednesday that the Bosnian prosecution had summoned him to give a statement next week, which he was looking forward to doing. “The prosecutor’s office has shown itself to be very professional so far,” he said.

Dzaferovic said however that was certain that the Bosnian prosecution would find that Kebo’s allegations were false and that he was planning to file a criminal complaint against his ex-colleague for “false reporting”.

SERBian FBReporter in English- Break Media Silence & Censorship: THE PUBLIC STATEMENT FROM VICE PRESIDENT OF BOSNIAN FEDERATION IS NOT “FAKE NEWS”- Religious hate is a two way street- Sadly some Bosnian Muslims here still believe only in “their truth”- They better believe what their Vice President is publicly speaking, here for the reputable EU radio station, describing (very well documented) “Mujahedin Crimes” against Serbs in Bosnia- supported by many local Bosnian Muslims. To be frank, these planned atrocities against non-Muslims in 90ies, were not supported financially and logistically only by Arab countries- they were supported by some Western powers. We have a testimony in US Congress (Republican Committee) that Clinton’ administration was violating UN embargo on Bosnia and importing weapons and foreign Mujahedin fighters to help “Islamic cause”. Unfortunately this “Radio Free Europe” video clip is not available in English version>



Most of these horrific atrocities were committed in 1993, and what makes things worse, they were committed by the heavily armed and numbered Muslim paramilitaries coming from the (“supposedly” demilitarized) UN “safe heaven” of Srebrenica- which was under the control of UN and NATO authorities.
It is needless to say, that Srebrenica “safe heaven” was never demilitarized, and that UN and Western “authorities” just stood by, and did nothing to prevent genocide over Serbian people.    Read more

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