March 24, 1999 – A day that will live in infamy, the illegal bombing of Serbia

Adara Press

20 years ago today, President Bill Clinton, using the power of his office, went to war against the Serbian people, a tiny European nation that had been American allies in both World War I and World War II.

Understandably, the Serbian people were in horrified disbelief. Even today, they cannot grasp why this was done to them.

The Serbian people, while under Nazi German occupation, rescued 432 American Airman and 80 Allied personnel shot down by the Fascist powers.  The Serbian people revolted against joining Hitler’s tripartate pact.  For each German killed during the occupation of Yugoslavia, 100 Serbs were executed by the Nazis.

Close to one million Serbs were brutally murdered in concentration camps in Fascist Croatia. A Muslim SS unit in Bosnia, and an Albanian SS unit– both created by Haj Amin Al Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on behalf of the Germans–enthusiastically participated in the Nazi genocide.

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