SREBRENICA’ “FACE OFF”: Real genocide the West doesn’t want you to know about

Veritas Vos Liberabit…

(The truth shall set us free…)

What you are about to read (and watch) is the third part of FBR editor Biljana Dikovic’s interview (serial) with Mr. Alexander Dorin, publicist from Switzerland, about the real genocide that has been taking place in, and around Srebrenica for almost three years, prior to Srebrenica “incident” in 1995- which was labeled by the “West influenced” Hague tribunal (ICTY) as a “genocide”, allegedly perpetrated by Serbs. We are not going to discuss, nor confront here this statement in any way…

…We are going here to present you the indisputable evidence about horrific crimes committed against “Srebrenica Serbs” by the West backed Islamic fighters- the facts that are still today suppressed or censored by the Western governments, and by most of their main-stream media.

The Islamic fighters (so called Bosnian army) reinforced by Mujahedin fighters from Islamic countries, literally wiped out hundreds of Serbian villages in the Srebrenica region. In their path of death and destruction they did not spare even the small Serbian children, women, elderly… not even the Serbian pets! They tortured and murdered over 3,500 Serbs- and mutilated, wounded and imprisoned many more…

Most of these horrific atrocities were committed in 1993, and what makes things worse, they were committed by the heavily armed and numbered Muslim paramilitaries coming from the (“supposedly” demilitarized) UN “safe heaven” of Srebrenica- which was under the control of UN and NATO authorities.

It is needless to say, that Srebrenica “safe heaven” was never demilitarized, and that UN and Western “authorities” just stood by, and did nothing to prevent genocide over Serbian people.

Such intolerable suffering of Serbian Christian population in the hands of Islamic paramilitaries warranted some military (re)action- due to inability or unwillingness of the West and the UN forces to react…

…And such military action came in July of 1995, when regular army of “Republika Srpska” liberated Srebrenica.

The rest of this (official version) story is just politics and short term manufactured “history” in the form of “convenient truth”, mostly for the Western public consumption. However, the final judge of Srebrenica “events’ will be the real history- in decades, or even the centuries ahead  (as the old Latins used to say- in the end “the truth shall set us free”)…

That’s why it is important for us to put “on the record” this story, the story about the real genocide, the West doesn’t want you to know about…. 

FBR editor M. Novakovic

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