Sarajevo pays tribute to the late Muslim Brotherhood leader

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By the decision of the Riyaset of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 19. June the  Ṣalāt al-Janāzah ( صلاة الجنازة‎), the Islamic funeral prayer took place in Bosnia as well as in Raska, a region in southern Serbia inhabited by Bosnian Muslim majority who call it ”Sandzak’.
The Janazah was served in absentia for the decades-long Muslim Brotherhood leader and former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who died two days ago in the courtroom in Cairo.

Image result for Mohamed Morsi muslim brotherhood Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi with the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood behind him.

In Serbia, in the area controlled by Muslims, in the Novi Pazar mosque “Shahid Abdulaziz” Janāzah and tribute to Muhammed Morsi was also held on 19. of June and the service was led by Mufti of ‘Sandzak’ (Muslim attempt to rename the Rashka region in Ottoman manner), Senad ef Halitovic.

In the Sarajevo area, Ṣalāt al-Janāzah was served in three locations…

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