“Serbian resistance contributed to German defeat… These people were to be punished.” | Retired Brigadier-General Pierre Marie Gallois attended Germany’s secret meetings in the 1970s planning the destruction of Yugoslavia that led to war

Adara Press

“A retired Brigadier-General Pierre Marie Gallois of French army testifies in the front of a camera of his involvement in secret meetings held in Germany. He explains the long existed plan for destruction of Yugoslavia and punishment of Serbs by Germany for their anti-German role in WW2.” [corrections made by A.P.]

“It should be noted that the dismemberment of Yugoslavia was an operation long prepared in Germany…

So, Berlin, at the time it was Bonn, thought that Serbian resistance contributed to German defeat in world wars. These people were to be punished.

Secondly, the next German idea was to reward Croats and Muslims who joined Germany and occupied certain positions in France during the war, to thank them because they chose German side…

[W]e today reflect upon with great sorrow because the Western world demonstrated it capability of utter perversions in order to conform to a German obsession…”

Brigadier-General Pierre…

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