Medjugorje, Herzegovina: How a mass crime scene became a place of Catholic pilgrimage

“PREBILOVCI” was one of the most horrific WWII massacres of the innocent Serbian civilians (of the Orthodox Christian faith), vast majority of them: women and children- conducted by the Croatian nationalists, including the neighboring “ordinary villagers Croats”, and led by some Catholic Priests.
The scale, monstrosity and systemic distraction of everything Serbian, condoned in the name of Croatian Nazi puppet state “NDH” and Catholic Purity amounts to genocide, and surely was the part of the wider and historically well established Croatian WWII genocide over Serbs and Jews- which claimed over million lives…
The travesty and sarcasm of this mega crime is that “the murderers” led by modern Neo-Nazi Catholic Clergy (more precisely- their descendants) are turning today the “Dead Serbian Village Prebilovci” into their Catholic worshiping pilgrimage.
Can you imagine if some other European Nazi descendants, for example, start turning the Auschwitz into something similar?
(commentary by PIN editor)

Big 'N' Mighty Nose

They say it all started on 24 Jun 1981. Sunset over incandescent Herzegovina, haunted rocky space, blood, and water. Fifteen-year-old Ivanka Ivankovic,  on the way home to the village Bijakovići, suddenly saw on the hill Crnica a woman in a white robe, with a white scarf over the head and the child in her arms.

From that moment about 45 millions of people around the world have visited the Crnica hill and the surrounding area called Medjugorje .

What was on the hill is not hard to guess –  it was Our Lady, as Catholics say, or Virgin Mary, according to the Orthodox. Whether it was really the holy woman, we don’t know. But why she’s been seen there – that’s something we ought to know.

Pope Benedict XIV defrocked the Croatian friar Tomislav Vlasic in 2009; Vlasic was banned from spreading the Catholic faith and propagating the so-called vision…

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