CROATIA: Two Attacks on Serbs in Croatia for watching Red Star Serbian team playing

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New Attacks on remaining Serbs in Croatia: КNIN – A group of masked attackers broke into a cafe near Knin and physically attacked locals who were watching a Red Star (Serbian football team) Young Boys (Switzerland) match.  
The second incident took place in Djevrske near Kistanje, that was also an old Serbian area.
Image result for napad na srbe knin15 maskiranih napadaca- kaficphoto: Serbian cafe bar where the attack occurred: 

However, these attacks cannot be qualified as ordinary Croatian hooliganism since the match was played between Serbian Red Star and Swiss Young Boys teams.
Five Serbs were injured in the attack, as well as one child. 
Local portals, Feral News and Dalmatia Today reported that five people were hospitalized, including the owner of a coffee shop.
screenshot_20180804-1703551999427352.pngNazism, racism, religious intolerance and Serb hatred were carefully bred among the Croatian youth

The crime occurred in the Biskupija municipality of Knin, for centuries an area with the majority of the…

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