Vatican and Albanians: The Novo Brdo violence

Big 'N' Mighty Nose

– Does the Vatican know what the Albanian bishops in Novo Brdo are doing? – the question many Serbs asked these days.

The Albanian Roman Catholic mass was Served in Serbian ancient town and mine, Novo Brdo, in Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Nikola. All was done secretly and illegally, as is usually done by those who are self-aware of the guilt, Albanian Roman Catholic bishops held a mass at the remains of the ancient Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in Novo Brdo, Kosovo and Metohija.

The Mass, served by the Roman Catholic Bishop of so-called Kosovo Dodd Jerji and the Archbishop of Bar, Montenegro Zeph Gashi with the clergy, was also attended by the  (Albanian)director of the Pristina Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Ismet Hajrulah. The public was informed of the delay, thanks to the newsletter of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Pristina. However, to make…

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