EDITORIAL: Why is EU Mongerini “getting in the bed” with some of the worst war criminals from “Kosovo”!?


EDITORIAL– One can understand a desire of NATO officials to justify their illegal and criminal war against UN member state of Yugoslavia in 1999, waged on the false pretext (similarly to their illegal and immoral wars against Iraq, Libya, Syria…)- by attempting to turn their NATO protectorate “Kosovo” into the fully functioning “state”, while in reality it is only fully functioning “Narco/Terrorist Quasi State”, under the Western umbrella.

. In same time, it is difficult to understand the similar behavior by the EU officials, who proud themselves by maintaining the “Rule of Law and Order” in Kosovo, through its “colonial style” agency EULEX. It is difficult to understand their frantic desire to push EU (one sided) approach in Kosovo, by accepting the Albanian separatists (KLA- who until “the zero hour of NATO bombing” in 99, were listed by the most Western countries as the terrorists)  as “the good guys”, while still treating Serbs and Serbian State (which is still under UN convention the only legitimate “state holder” in Kosovo) as the bad guys..

All of that is difficult to accept if we know, and EU officials certainly know it- that UN investigation from 2003, as documented in the report “CKX-103”, described in details the most horrific crimes committed by KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) against Kosovo’ Serbs, which culminated in kidnapping and smuggling of hundreds of them to Albania, to be butchered there for their organs in “the makeshift clinics”, all of that taking place at the time NATO troops already took the full control over Kosovo, in the second half of 1999, and in 2000, even in 2001…

Even it is more difficult to understand such EU ignorance, because just a couple years later, all of these UN findings were confirmed and widened by the new ones, conducted by their own EU investigator, respectable Swiss prosecutor Dick Marty, who was appalled by by the Western ignorance of the horrific Albanian atrocities committed against Serbs and other Non-Albanians, and more by the Western prompting and converting of Albanian terrorists and mafia figures into “the statesmen”, de-facto abolishing them of some of the worst crimes in mankind history- as Marty highlighted it in his report “Illicit organ trade in Kosovo…” (from 2007).

NOTE: All the horrific Albanian atrocities and perpetrators, committed against innocent Serbs in Kosovo, were never prosecuted and punished- which is easy to understand if we know that both Hague tribunal ICTY and EULEX courts in Kosovo are fully controlled by the leading NATO countries…

I understand that the truth is sometimes “the bitter pill, hard to swallow”, but the fact is today that “Kosovo” is simply just another NATO failed state, maintained only by the the brute occupational force and the Western money, based not on the “rule of law” as EU officials cynically state it very often, but rather- on the multiply violations: of the international law and order, UN Charter, Serbian Constitution, Human Rights, and even the very own EU laws and principles…

The Facebook page “No to NATO- 1244” status- commentary of the above picture, from EU archives (translated from Serbian):

“`On the right is Federica Mongerini, and on the left is Fatmir Limaj, the person who was running the concentration camp Klecka, where Serbs were raped, murdered and then burned in lime pits. According to the court statements of brothers Mazreku (before the Prishtina court), among the raped were one pregnant woman, one little boy and one little girl- while according to the Albanian witnesses, Fatmir Limaj was personally participating in those rapes.

According to another statement by the Albanian witness Agim Zogaj, given to the EULEX judge, the Serbs, in Limaj’ concentration camp, were kept chained in the freezing weather, without food and access to the toilet. This witness, Agim Zogaj was found dead after allegedly committing suicide (under the suspicion circumstances- as many other dead Albanians who were just about to testify against the highest ranking KLA terrorists- turned “statesmen” by their NATO protectors) in 2011.

So, this very well documented war criminal (Fatmir Limaj) is the person, which European Union has brought, for “the diplomatic meeting” with their highest official, to Brussels!? This is the person they provide with “the legitimacy”?“`

(FBR translation) 

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